InnovaCare joins the push for payment methods reforms

Rick Shinto, the President, and CEO of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage provider, InnovaCare Health recently announced that his organization is supporting reforms in healthcare payment methods. He added that the reason his organization chose to support this proposal is that it falls in line with its goals of providing better healthcare to more people. He pointed out that over the years the healthcare has noticed a lot of cracks in the current quantity-based payment methods and it was time to move to a better system. Dr. Shinto added that he believed quality-based payment methods as proposed by the reformist would not only do good to the general population but also the players in the sector.

Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) is a public-private partnership spearheading the reforms. The main aim of this partnership is to move the national health system away from the traditional quantity-based system to a new quality-based system. Rick Shinto announced that InnovaCare Health is committed to supporting LAN’s mission. He expressed his hope that the reinforcement of the partnership will be crucial in accelerating the shift to the new system.

LAN was launched in 2015 by HHS. Its primary purpose at this time was to streamline payment systems between the private and public sectors of the healthcare system. Now, LAN targets to move players in the healthcare sector, both private and public to a payment system that will rely heavily on the quality of service the patient received. Currently, LAN has over 100 mainstream healthcare partners supporting its quest. Apart from support from the private and public sector, LAN also receives support from non-profit entities in the industry. Dr. Shinto mentioned that InnovaCare is proud to be part of this fantastic journey that will make health care in the U.S. among the very top in the world.

About InnovaCare Health

This organization is Puerto Rico’s top health plans and healthcare services provider. InnovaCare Health has two major offerings in the region, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. These two offerings are run through over 7,500 providers covering over 200,000 residents. Providing coordinated and cost-effective quality care is the main goal of InnovaCare. The organization hopes to achieve this through advanced, innovative and fully integrated technologies. Currently, InnovaCare is the only health plan provider on the island with NCQA-accredited health plans. Rick Shinto aims to grow the organization to reach more people with their offering and improve their quality of life by providing them with access to quality healthcare.

Dr. Saad Saad: He Supports Vaccines

Dr. Saad Saad has worked with children for over forty years. Over his many years in the medical profession, he has received many concerned phone calls from parents asking for his medical advice to best help their child.

He has recently retired, but he still finds time to help answer some of the medical questions that concerned parents may have for their children. One of the questions that he has been getting recently is whether itis safe or not for children to get vaccinations. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

There are many who believe that vaccinations are linked to an increase in autism cases over the years and that vaccines are potentially deadly. Dr. Saad Saad assures parents that many of these claims about vaccines are complete nonsense. He fully supports vaccinations and believes that all children should get vaccinations to benefit everyone.

Usually, when a child goes to see the doctor, one of the first questions a doctor will ask the parent is whether or not the child has had all of their vaccinations. If a child has not received all their vaccinations, this could lead to many serious problems.

A child could easily get a life-threatening illness that could have been prevented with a vaccine. It is also possible that the child came into contact with other children who were also not vaccinated. If a child catches a contagious illness, they may require emergency medical care. The child’s daycare or school may not allow the child to return until they have the approval of a doctor. In this case, a parent may lose the necessary income and must stay home from work until the child has fully healed.

Dr. Saad Saad has discussed with many parents that vaccines have been studied for many years by numerous medical professionals and they are completely safe. The first vaccine was for smallpox,and it was developed in the late 19th century. Before the vaccine had been created, smallpox was a disease that had claimed the lives of over a hundred million people throughout human history. By the 1980s, there were no more cases of smallpox. Polio was another deadly disease that could also cripple an infected individual. There are almost no instances of polio today.

Dr. Saad Saad understands that many parents have been fed false information regarding vaccines. He tells all parents that it is necessary for their children to get all their vaccines. The only individuals who should not get a vaccine are babies under two months old and those whore act poorly to vaccines. Dr. Saad Saad reminds parents that vaccines are the only true way to completely kill off dangerous diseases, but for this to occur,almost everyone should be vaccinated.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade; Brazilian Automobile Revolutionary

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, founder of CAOA, is a revolutionary in the realm of the Brazilian automobile industry. Since CAOA’s founding the company has become the largest manufacturing conglomerate and car distributor in Latin America. Despite the failed attempts of those such as Eike Batista, Joao Gurgel, Mario Araripe, Puma, and others, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade succeeds in having a a renown national automobile factory.

CAOA own various Ford, Hyundai, and Subaru dealerships in various locations throughout Brazil. Since the late 1990s, CAOA has been the sole Brazilian importer of Hyundai and Subaru vehicles. In addition, CAOA’s assembly plant located in Anapolis produces Tucson automobiles such as the iX35, HR and HD80 trucks, and new SUVs.

Entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is thoroughly experienced in every aspect of automobiles including the assembly line, distribution, spare parts, the development of a dealership network, marketing, and after-sales.

One of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s dreams is to produce a domestically Brazilian vehicle. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade plans to make his dream into a reality by essentially emulating what the Koreans did to the Japanese. He plans to imitate how the Koreans developed their own cars after manufacturing and copying Japanese products.

Boris Feldman, a prestigious member of the Brazilian automotive press, reported a visit in South Korea where he visited Hyundai’s headquarters to ask how the most important businessman in the Brazilian automotive industry is a doctor from Paraiba (Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade)? Feldman reports that they pragmatically responded saying, “for them, the ‘doctor’ delivers the best results in institutional brand marketing in the world.” As the closing statements to one of his articles about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Feldman inquires as to why there’s the Embraer, a technologically advanced Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, but among the dozens, there has failed to be a true automotive factory? Feldman subsequently states, that Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the man who is the answer to that question.

Over the course of the last four decades, entreprenuer Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has revolutionized the Brazilian automobile industry.

Gareth Henry Discusses Hedge Funds

Gareth Henry has established his career as a top professional in the alternative asset management industry. He has spent a number of years helping asset managers develop a better awareness of the products they manage. Gareth Henry spent many years as the head of investor relations of Fortress Investment Group as well as Angelo Gordon. During his career, Henry has had first hand experience with the industry’s overall growth. As a financial professional Gareth has been a liaison for both investors and managers of various assets. One of his top responsibilities was to inform investors and asset managers about how alternative strategies can help provide diversification and add alpha to any investment portfolio. Since hedge funds have become increasingly more popular in recent years, Henry has been able to help discuss how this type of asset can diversify the portfolio of many investors. Follow Gareth Henry on

Prior to working in finance, Gareth Henry completed educational programs that provided him with good preparation for the field. He attended the University of Heriot Watt in Edinburgh Scotland. While at this university, he would complete a bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics. This academic background would help Gareth gain a firm grasp of quantitative concepts. As a result, he was able to better explain to investors and fund managers the complexities of how hedge funds work. He has stated that his background in actuarial mathematics and public relations has allowed him to succeed as an entrepreneur. Henry has his own financial services and public relations firm that assists asset managers.

With an extensive network of contacts with people involved with wealth funds and pension funds, Gareth Henry has been able to gain a better understanding of how investors evaluate financial securities. He ahs used this knowledge to find out how investors make decisions on what equity, bond and hedge funds to invest in. Henry uses his experience everyday to talk to investors about how hedge funds compare to other types of financial securities. He often discusses how they can help diversify any investment portfolio as well. His knowledge and expertise has proven to help many investor and asset managers make better decisions on what to invest in.



Neurocore Advanced Brain Technology Treatment

Neurocore is a brain performance company that was founded in 2004. The company deals with providing brain-based assessment and also a training program which has been of great assistance to both children and adults by boosting their concentration span, sleep and also teaches them on how to manage stress. One part of our body that requires utmost care is our brain. The brain is a crucial organ because it controls so many functions in the body. It works with billions of neurons which use chemical signals transmitted to them to regulate electric activity in the brain. Read more about Neurocore at

The neurons transmit information from the brain to the other parts of the body and vise versa. In addition, the brain not only controls body functions but is also the center of our thoughts. It controls our behavior, the way we perceive things as well as our emotions. Besides that, the brain controls how we process complex information. The brain is a complex organ which has drawn the attention of many scientists. They use neurofeedback which helps them expand their knowledge about how the brain works.

Neurocore works with this neurofeedback to improve mental sharpness and deals with mental disorders such as Anxiety, ADHD, ASP, and depression. Neurocore has managed to become a center for research of applied Neuroscience and has managed to set up brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. The company is lucky to have a well-qualified team who know how to handle patients and have worked tirelessly to put the company in its current position. Besty De Vos who is the U.S secretary of education has invested in Neurocore together with many other investors.

Neurocore uses advanced technology to carry out treatment. It provides neurology which a harmless treatment which uses sensors to detect electric activity in the brain. The after. It transforms the information into images which in turn shows the active parts of the brain. The patients are then made to watch the videos which help them relax. This treatment goes on until patients gain full control of their brain responses. Neurocore is a prolific company which has helped a lot of people with mental disorders to gain their sanity. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Paul Mampilly Predicts AI Will Be the Next Netflix

Paul Mampilly was recently interviewed for the Affiliate Dork article titled “Artificial Intelligence Stocks that Paul Mampilly Believes Will Rise Sky High.” Artificial intelligence is used in daily life more often than people think. Not only does it allow e-commerce stores like Amazon to place ads for items you have begun to research on different websites, but it also allows websites like Spotify to suggest new music based on the choices you have already made. Even travel companies have begun to use it to suggest activities based on your previous choices.

AI is derived from the data everyone uses when they are online and it is starting to be used by businesses to improve their reach. It is beginning to change the market rapidly and businesses that are not starting to incorporate it into their strategy are going to be left behind. At the 2017 Total Wealth Symposium, Paul Mampilly recommended three different AI stocks for people to keep an eye. On. Though two were up by 29% and 86% respectively, one was up as much as 145%. Throughout the year, even with an incredible rise in the market, the S&P 500 rose 16%, showing there is an enormous benefit from following Paul Mampilly’s advice.

The AI stocks have risen quickly because it can be used by almost every industry. It can create massive wealth and value for a large number of people. Mampilly believes it will continue to grow over the next several years with phenomenal results.

Mampilly has a proven track record working on Wall Street. During the recession, he was able to realize a 2% annual return and was named one of Barron’s “World’s Best”. He has managed hedge funds and has helped them grow from $6 billion to $25 billion. He has appeared on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, Hedge Fund Intelligence, CNBC, and Reuters. Currently, he is helping the average American gain financial freedom and wealth through his newsletter Profits Unlimited. The newsletter is published by Banyan Hill Publishing and has more than 90,000 subscribers. Prior to starting his career on Wall Street, he gained his MBA from Fordham University in 1996.

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NewsWatch TV Tech Report Review

In March 1990 NewsWatch began airing programs primarily focused on financial issues. In the mid 90’s it expanded its scope to become more of a TV news magazine. It began covering consumer and entertainment media. It included paid segments which allowed companies to market and promote their brand to the general public.

In April 2011, NewsWatch decided to alter their format by focusing on the technology market. It began working with multiple Fortune 500 companies to produce product reviews that would air on NewsWatch TV.

Not only does NewsWatch provide product reviews during tv segments, they also offer the review online. For example, one of the products they reviewed on television and online was the Contour Design keyboard. Contour Design marketing strategy was to target as many people as possible to help increase sales. Their mission was to target employers and employees that would be interested in a healthier work environment.

The results were a tremendous success. Contour Design sales dramatically spiked up as a result of partnering with NewsWatch TV to air their product. Their product was seen in over 200 U.S. Markets and reached approximately over 95 million households. Their online campaign reached an audience of approximately 700,00 visitors, thus helping drive up their sales.

SteelSeries shares the same success as Contour Design. SteelSeries is an international electronics and headphone company that decided to utilize NewsWatch TV audience. When NewsWatch TV stepped in, SteelSeries exposure reached over 95 million households across the country, thus increasing their sales. Senior Director of Marketing went on to say that NewsWatch TV is a team who understands how PR works. They’re able to deliver a message that resonates with their audience. Consumers can comprehend their message in their own language.

GreenSky’s David Zalik willing to takes risks of IPO

Although he’s not a household name, GreenSky founder and CEO David Zalik is a living legend among the financial technology sector. Having been at the helm of GreenSky for more than 12 years makes Zalik one of the most experienced players in the sector. And over that time, he has been able to bootstrap his firm from absolute zero to a company valued at more than $4.5 billion.

This incredible growth can be attributed to the simple yet value-adding business model of GreenSky. The company has focused for its entire existence on creating seamless parings between prime-credit borrowers and lenders looking to expand their rosters of good loans. It has focused on big-ticket point-of-sale purchases, such as home remodeling projects and solar energy installations, as an area where previous frictions of the lending process could be streamlined through technology.

Specifically, GreenSky has been able to devise a system that matches some of the top lenders in the country with customers who need lending instantly. In many cases, merchants are able to present borrowers with instant approval for loans with astonishingly good terms, such as zero down, zero interest and no payments for an entire year. Because the average borrow with whom GreenSky transacts has a FICO score of 760, these loans are almost always paid back in full before the higher rates kick in.

At the same time, lenders like Fifth Third Bancorp, Sun Trust and Region’s Bank have been supplied with a steady stream of high-quality new loans that would otherwise never have been originated.

Now, Zalik is looking to take his company public in what will almost certainly amount to one of the largest IPOs in the fintech space’s history. Zalik has stated that his company has reached a phase of maturity where he feels that the short-term thinking and pressure to post solid quarterly growth that often comes with going public is something that GreenSky can handle at this point.

For investors, the IPO may provide one of the strongest opportunities that have come along in a space that has been wracked by underperformance.

What you need to Know about Freedom Checks and how it can help You Rebuild Your Financial Future

One of the most common ways that fraudsters take advantage of unsuspecting people over the internet is by offering them the opportunity to do little to nothing, and get massive amounts of money in return. These include multilevel marketing schemes, binary options trading and other get rich quick schemes which make the internet seem like it is dedicated towards ripping off unsuspecting users. As a result, very few people believe new ways of earning cash online, for fear of being scammed. It is, therefore, unfortunate that millions of Americans will miss out on freedom checks because they do not realize that it is a legitimate way to earn money online.

How freedom checks work

Understanding how it work is the first step in deciding whether they are a great investment opportunity to think about or not. Matt Badiali is a Geologist who has made it his business to help people understand how it work and by doing so, he is also helping people decide whether they want to invest in Checks or not.Matt Badiali has been studying natural resources for the past two decades. He is known as an expert in geology, agriculture, and mining. He has been a geology teacher at the Duke University and the University of North Carolina. His research and findings have also allowed him to travel the world and share his knowledge with people from all walks of life.

Matt Badiali firmly believes that the next frontier in unique investments idea is in natural resources.Matt got his popularity from a video that he shared about the company and their potential in helping the country attain energy independence within the next few years. Matt Badiali is a pioneer, he believes in his dream, and he believes that people who want a credible and a worthwhile investment to make money, should give his freedom checks product serious consideration.The companies which offer freedom checks are known as Master Limited Partnerships of MLPs. They operate in the oil and gas sector, which is why they are well placed to offer freedom checks. Therefore, as it turns out, they are indeed not a scam.

How Drew Madden Gets The Inspiration To Continue With His Healthcare IT Entrepreneurship

For close to 16 years, Drew Madden continues to bring together and encourage a team of like mind to initiate and propel attractive company culture, which in turn helps many people access quality healthcare. The entrepreneurial skills Drew has developed along the way have enabled him to establish an excellent client partnership that is highly trusted.

Although Drew Madden has a vast experience in the healthcare IT sector, which has helped him work for many companies in the past, his partnership with Evergreen Healthcare Partners is the latest achievement in his life. Madden, the healthcare IT expert in the electronic medical records (EMR) sector is currently based in Wisconsin. His love for IT has helped him over the years to ensure patients get the best care possible.

Since he partnered in the founding of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has passionately helped many patients and organizations nationally to achieve compelling results in the IT, change management, and operations sectors.

Educational Background

Drew Madden started his carrier as an EMR IT engineer a few days after his graduation. He got his BSE in Industrial Engineering from the University Of Iowa College Of Engineering in 2002. Over the years, he has used his skills in ensuring proper implementation, optimization, and troubleshooting of the most complex EMR challenges that face various individuals and organizations.

In a recent interview, Drew Madden opened up on how he came up with the idea of starting Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He said that it is an idea that has been in his mind for some 15 years. According to him, it was the right time to implement the idea. Madden says that majority of his excellent ideas do not come from within. He concedes, “Most of the best ideas that I have ever come up with only pop up when I work with others. It can be our team or when we are closely working with a client.”

Drew Madden finishes his interview with a piece of advice. He says that if anyone wants to be productive, he/she must be good at listening. “You have no choice but to be a good listener. Let others do the talk,” Madden says.

Find out more about Drew Madden: