John Goullet and Diversant Shaping the Future of IT

John Goullet has an extensive background working in the field of Information Technology (IT). Goullet founded his privately held company, Info Technologies, in 1994. His firm was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Goullet joined forces with Gene Waddy in 2010, and they together created the powerhouse company Diversant LLC., which Waddy had started earlier as Diversant, Inc.

John Goullet and the company serves as a conduit, connecting businesses with personnel in the IT field. Diversant proudly espouses a policy of ethnic diversity, hence the name given to this firm by Waddy. Both federal law and good sense want to see a color blind workforce. A labor force where cultural mixes can work together to solve not only the problem of connecting companies in the IT area with competent individuals seeking employment but attempting to solve the greater problem of bringing all races, all ethnic mixes into a giant melting pot producing a strong and powerful single workforce culture.

Goullet serves as a principal and sits on the board of directors of Diversant where his background and experience propel the company into a leadership position among IT staffing organizations. The company’s commitment to diversity assures its success among IT staffing companies anywhere in the United States of America.

When we examine altruistic companies like Diversant and reflect that only 150 years ago this country was embroiled in the Civil War; fighting to free black men and women who were enslaved by a powerful system of wealthy plantation owners, we realize how far we have come. Diversant and other like-minded companies will continue the progression and advancement of equality. Their efforts should be applauded.

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