Igor Cornelson: A Brief History of Brazilian Success

Igor Cornelson is an investment mastermind. He has decades of experience with financial investing in Brazil. On October 4th, 1947, he was born in Brazil. He attended the Federal University of Parana in Curitiba, Brazil. Igor Cornelson studied engineering there for two years and then changed his degree to economics. He had a passion for numbers and felt this was his best career path. After graduating in 1970, he earned a job at an investment bank in Rio de Janeiro.

Cornelson has always been a hard worker. He earned his first major promotion in 1974 when he became a member of the Board of Governors. He then became CEO in 1976 of Multibanco. Multibanco was soon bought out by Bank of America. Cornelson decided he needed a change. His next two positions were at Unibanco, an investment company, and then Libra Bank PLC. The latter becoming one of the more noteworthy moves he made.

At Libra Bank, Igor Cornelson finally got paid in US currency. This opened him up to a brand new investment market. Under Libra, he was able to achieve grand success. He ended up getting promoted to the Board of Directors at Standard Chartered Bank in London. Igor Cornelson worked there for seven years.

Cornelson listed out some of his foundational investment strategies. He believes in investing in lower performing markets and conducting intense research before committing to making an investment. This is especially important when investing in a market foreign to your own. You need to have an understanding of not only the marketplace but the country’s financial history.

Igor Cornelson also stresses the importance of understanding currency. Investing when forex rates favor you is a hallmark of his financial achievements. Profit is not always profit. He is an advocate for spreading quality education, especially in his home country of Brazil. Cornelson understands that technology is the future and that Brazil needs to have the domestic capacity to exploit all of technology’s benefits.