How the Ingredients in Wen by Chaz Work to Repair Damaged Hair

When it comes to basic hair care, many people actually cause damage to their hair using traditional shampoos. These products are usually designed to strip away just about anything found on a strand of hair, including the hair’s own oil. This process often results in hair that is lacking in moisture. A better way to clean hair is to use a cleansing conditioner, which is created to be much gentler on hair than ordinary shampoo products. A cleansing conditioner is able to remove the dirt and build-up that forms on the individuals strands of hair without stripping away the natural oil.

In addition to preserving the moisture in hair by allowing it to retain its natural oil, cleansing conditioners could also make hair healthier by adding beneficial nutrients. The conditioner part of the product is often created to address a specific problem someone has with their hair. The conditioner could help add shine to dull hair or body to limp hair. The best cleansing conditioners are those that contain ingredients derived from plants. These ingredients help repair and restore damaged hair so that it looks and feels healthy again.

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A Leader In the Hair Care Industry

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that gained notoriety because of the many celebrities that raved about how well it performed on their hair. Hair stylist and salon owner Chaz Dean was very familiar with the problems most women had with their hair so he decided to create an all-in-one product that would not only clean hair, but restore it as well. His line of cleansing conditioners has been well received by many women all over the country. As the line evolved, Chaz Dean began to create more diverse varieties to address the specific areas women needed help with.

The formulas used to create the Wen line of products revolve around the plant extracts found in nature. Each variety contains its own unique blend of extracts to help restore and repair damaged hair. The Winter Red Currant variety contains a mix of red currant, geranium and rose flower to help restore moisture to dry hair. The Sweet Almond Mint variety contains extracts from rosemary, wild cherry bark, almond oil and aloe to help hydrate and add body to fine hair. The line of Wen cleansing conditioners also contain essential proteins and amino acids to help strengthen hair to reduce or eliminate breaking and splitting.

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