Kim Dao Lists the Top Ten Best Japanese Skincare Products

Kim Dao reveals her list of “Top Ten Japanese Skincare Products You Must Buy in Japan” in this video. The video opens with Kim Dao explaining that she made the video in response to the positive reaction from a separate video titled “Top Ten Makeup Products You Must Buy in Japan.” Several viewers requested a similar list highlighting Japanese skincare products. The first product that Kim Dao highlights in this video is from KOSE COSMEPORT. It is the Clear Turn Eye Zone Face Mask. Although the product’s name would imply that it is strictly for the eye area, Kim Dao states that it is also good for the mouth zone as well. This product helps to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. Kim Dao does a voiceover of the demonstration that she did with this product. She applied it under her eyes and left the mask on for ten minutes. Kim Dao mentions that after using the product for a week she noticed a tremendous difference in how her skin appeared and felt. The size of the product as well as its transparency makes it a great mask to use on planes. Kim Dao reveals many more amazing products that are as effective as they are versatile.

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