Women in Power- Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison holds more than one title in her current post. Helane is the Managing Director, the General Counsel, and she is also the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners located in San Francisco. According to the financial reports in California, Hall Capital is among the successful financial investment companies in the State. Helane has been serving the financial institution since 2007. Hall Capital is a unique Group because it is managed by women only. She can well be described as a faithful woman who before joining the financial facility San Francisco she was working at Securities and Exchange Commission as the Director that is between 1999 and 2007. Ms. Marrison was responsible for securities law implementation, fraud trial as well as regulatory matters in Northern California, and five other States in the Northwest. She was also responsible for representing the Securities Exchange Commission in the media and also other government agencies.

After her high School graduation, the hardworking g lady joined Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois for her degree in journalism. She changed her career and joined the University of California, Berkeley School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctor. She was not only a student at the University, but she also worked as a Chief Editor of the California Review. Her career in the legal industry began after she passed the bar working for Hon. Richard Posen as a law clerk. She also worked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. After that, she has worked for other law firms.

Helane joined Hall Capital because of the different leadership that the financial organization presented, and also wanted to be part of the financial reform in the nation. While serving at Hall Capital her major goal is to assist people to regain the financial confidence they had in the financial markets. She is confident that her current position will enable her work towards achieving her career goals as she helps people. In all the positions Helane Marrison has held since she began her careers she has been in the forefront of fighting corporate crimes. She is a unique woman, who has been fighting individuals who take advantage of their positions to gain financially. Ms. Morrison has an active track record which is a clear demonstration of how she values her work as well as the people she serves. For the last thirty years, Marrison has become a fighter for justice in her community.