NewsWatch TV Tech Report Review

In March 1990 NewsWatch began airing programs primarily focused on financial issues. In the mid 90’s it expanded its scope to become more of a TV news magazine. It began covering consumer and entertainment media. It included paid segments which allowed companies to market and promote their brand to the general public.

In April 2011, NewsWatch decided to alter their format by focusing on the technology market. It began working with multiple Fortune 500 companies to produce product reviews that would air on NewsWatch TV.

Not only does NewsWatch provide product reviews during tv segments, they also offer the review online. For example, one of the products they reviewed on television and online was the Contour Design keyboard. Contour Design marketing strategy was to target as many people as possible to help increase sales. Their mission was to target employers and employees that would be interested in a healthier work environment.

The results were a tremendous success. Contour Design sales dramatically spiked up as a result of partnering with NewsWatch TV to air their product. Their product was seen in over 200 U.S. Markets and reached approximately over 95 million households. Their online campaign reached an audience of approximately 700,00 visitors, thus helping drive up their sales.

SteelSeries shares the same success as Contour Design. SteelSeries is an international electronics and headphone company that decided to utilize NewsWatch TV audience. When NewsWatch TV stepped in, SteelSeries exposure reached over 95 million households across the country, thus increasing their sales. Senior Director of Marketing went on to say that NewsWatch TV is a team who understands how PR works. They’re able to deliver a message that resonates with their audience. Consumers can comprehend their message in their own language.