How Rocketship Education is changing the face of learning


Rocketship has been in existence since 2007. The institution has a group of schools with a special program which trains the students to focus on quality and education. Currently, the institution has increased the number of schools in different states, but the headquarters have been maintained in California.

Application of technology in the learning process

Currently, there are different programs that deal with the use of computers. The world is fast changing from analog to digital where the students are expected to cope with the requirements. The schools under this charter ensure that their students attend computer classes twice a day. Since the students are mostly at the elementary level, they grow up with the basic knowledge computers. The students are taught on how to do their assignments and submit them online.

The parental contribution

Unlike many institutions, Rocketship ensures that parents are included in any important educational process. The children have different capabilities which their parents understand best. The teachers who are to be hired to teach them must understand their needs, and for this reason, the parents have to be available during the interview process.

Learning quality and financial plan

Rocketship does not focus on profits since it is a non-profit making institution. The focus is on the quality of education and to give the best to students. With this approach, the institution admits students who come from low-income families. Most of these families may not have access to computer education. The schools ensure that the students are treated equally to avoid economic discrimination.

Financial aid and support

The quality and means of education provided by the institution have attracted a lot of financial support. Since most of these students are low-income earners, Foundations like Bill and Melinda have extended their support to ensure a successful learning process. Mark Zuckerberg has equally constructed several other schools under this charter to support the good course. Other individuals and organizations have supported the Rocketship schools through different means. Currently, the number of schools has increased from 16 to 25, and there are more prospects since it attracts several charity works.