Rocketship Education Continues to Provide Great Education Option

One of the most important things that a parent and society can provide to a child is a quality education. Unfortunately, the public school systems in many cities across the country do not provide children with the educational foundation that they need to succeed later on. For those that are looking for another option, going to a charter school could be a very good idea as they can provide someone with a great education.

One organization that has continued to provide an amazing educational experience to students is Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is a growing chain of charter schools that currently has more than a dozen locations across the United States. Rocketship Education started small about ten years ago when a group of teachers and other educators were discussing the need for a different educational solution. After years of planning and raising the necessary capital, the first Rocketship Education charter was opened in the Oakland area.

After the first few years, and growing evidence of the success of the program, the professionals decided to continue to grow and expand the Rocketship Education brand. Today, the Rocketship Education company has locations around California, Milwaukee, Nashville, and the DC area. Due to the popularity, Rocketship Education is looking to further expand in current and new markets in the coming years.

While many people believe that charter schools such as Rocketship Education are too expensive, Rocketship Education has continued to provide an affordable solution. Due to the money that they are able to raise from outside sources, the charter school program is able to provide many students with discounted rates. In fact, more than 85% of students receive some form of a subsidy for the education.

Now that the first few classes of students under the Rocketship Education are approaching the end of high school, it is clear that the program has been successful in helping kids thrive. The school system will end up having a much higher graduation rate than other public school systems with kids with similar backgrounds. This is helping to fuel support for all charter school programs across the country.