End Citizens United Works Diligently For Campaign Finance Reform

The Supreme Court can change the course of American history with a single ruling. Sometimes the beneficial effects are enormous, but at other times catastrophic. Unfortunately, the latter is the case when the High Court handed down its Citizens United ruling in 2010.

Just eight years after Citizens United, the corrupting influence and damage to American democracy is demonstrable. The ruling allowed nearly unlimited amounts of money to be donated to political candidates — and that money could also be “Dark Money.” In other words, giant corporations and greedy billionaires could not only now “buy” the candidate of their choice, but the American people have no right to know who is donating how much and to which candidate. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

The result has been the wholescale disenfranchisement of the average American voter from their own government. That’s why a group of concerned citizens formed a new political action committee (PAC) known as End Citizens United.

The new PAC began operations in 2015 with headquarters in Washington D.C. The goal of End Citizens United is to overturn the Supreme Court decision that has allowed our elections to be stolen by cash-bloated special interests.

End Citizens United would like to push through a new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would essentially nullify what was established by the 2010 Citizens United ruling.

Adding a new Amendment to the Constitution is no small task. It first must be ratified by two-thirds of the 50 American states. Then it requires a two-third majority vote in Congress to make it the law of the land.

The people of End Citizens United realize they have a monumental task that will require a diligent, persistent long-term commitment. But they know they have to try. The very freedoms and democracy we have enjoyed as American citizens is at stake. Failure is not an option.

The organization has been working hard raising funds to elect more Democrats to Congress. That’s because it is Democrats that tend to favor the kind of campaign finance reform defined by the new PAC. To date, response has been enormous. End Citizens United raised $25 million in the 2016 election cycle and is on track to pull $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterms.

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Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Dick DeVos has had profound impact on the State of Michigan. The elements of his business, political, and philanthropic efforts are particularly easy to see in the Western Michigan region and in the city of Grand Rapids.


– Leadership in Grand Rapids Michigan

In the early 1990’s the City of Grand Rapids made plans for a sports arena and convention complex that would raise the profile of the city and create a business and convention center for Western Michigan. Dick DeVos saw a problem and turned it into an opportunity to reshape the city. Mr. DeVos was well aware of the experience in the Detroit area in which a sports arena located outside of the city became an economic albatross. He urged that the city government reconsider and locate the arena in the heart of Grand Rapids. If in the downtown, DeVos argued, the new arena would be a development hub.


His advice led to the formation of an action group of local business leaders. The city agreed, and it resulted in a dynamic urban business and education hub. The long-term development included the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, the Grand Rapids City Market, and the Michigan State University medical school.


– Philanthropy in Grand Rapids Michigan

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation reported donations and contributions of $138.7 million in the years of 1989 to 2015. The recipients included leadership programs, arts and culture activities, and organizations, health and human services projects, and religious organizations. The Foundation also supported policy initiatives for education reform including scholarships for private schools.


In Grand Rapids, Dick and Betsy DeVos were lead donors in the construction of a $103 million children’s hospital. The children’s health facility located in the Spectrum Health System was named for Mrs. Helen DeVos; Mrs. DeVos was Dick DeVos’ mother.


– The DeVos Impact

West Michigan Aviation Academy is an example of the efforts, vision, and success of the DeVos team. Betsy and Dick DeVos have translated their love for aviation, educational opportunity, and school choice into a shining example of educational pluralism. The West Michigan Aviation Academy was Dick DeVos’ creation, and Betsy DeVos also supported it with her expertise. Dick DeVos is a pilot and his enthusiasm for piloting as a skill, business asset, and hobby inspired him to create an institution in which children of all ages, races, and economic levels could learn. The school offers aviation training and students can use it to become pilots.


The institution has grown from early student body of 80 members to its present-day enrollment of more than 600 students. Students attend tuition-free and get an intensive level of education from a well-prepared staff of educators and support personnel. The academy operates with a per-student allowance from the state government, and through 2014, also made a three million dollar interest-free loan to expand the school buildings and add equipment.


Dick DeVos story continues. The dynamic couple achievements now includes Ms. DeVos’s role as Secretary of Education. The record of his contributions and impacts offer a view to an even brighter, more involving future in public and civic affairs.


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Betsy DeVos and her Attempts to Improve the Education Standard of the Country

Betsy DeVos was always upset with the declining quality of education for long. As far as I know, she is into education campaigning for more than three decades since DeVos found that the education system in the United States is highly depended on the affordability factor. It means that children who are not financially sound were not able to access high-quality education. Though she was from affluent family, DeVos understood the pain of the parents for ensuring quality education for their children. This is where she thought of initiating programs to improve the quality of education. DeVos started her works by setting up scholarships to help financially-struggling children in her city – Grand Rapids, Michigan.


DeVos identified that only by creating a need for improving the education standard public as well as private schools would put efforts to improve it. For that reason, she framed a number of programs that were forcing the schools to improve the standard to sustain. Betsy developed programs like School of Choice, Charter School System, School Grading, School Vouchers, and more. I am much convinced with the motive of these programs and how they can help the schools to improve the quality of education with a strong focus on their performance. Moreover, these programs are aimed to provide greater freedom to schools to work independently for enhancing the quality of education. All of these programs are proved to be producing excellent results.


Considering her commitment to improving the quality of education, Betsy DeVos was appointed as the Secretary of Education in the Donald Trump government. It means that now she gets a chance to make changes in education and ensure quality education for every child, irrespective of their financial background. The educational activists and thinkers across the country are elated with the elevation of Betsy and expect great work from her, reflecting the needs of education of current times. Her critical thinking and quick decision-making power have already started reflecting in the policies of the Department of Education. Per the latest information, Betsy started working on School Choice and described it as the most ambitious expansion of the Trump government.


DeVos completed her graduation from Calvin College – a Grand Rapids-based college. Since then, she was actively involved in politics and philanthropy. From 1982, Betsy started collaborating with Michigan Republican Party and served in various roles. She served as the Chair of the Party from 1996 to 2005. DeVos was also active in various philanthropic activities, and she collaborated with multiple charity organizations. She and her husband, Dick DeVos, are one of the leading contributors in the country, and they spent more than $11 million in 2015 alone for various charity works. Betsy has also served as the Chairwoman of Windquest Group, an investment firm founded in 1989.


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Bringing Transparency in Politics through End Citizens United

A Political Action Committee, End Citizens United is funded by the grassroots donors. Started in March 2015, the organization is committed to countering the Citizens United’s disastrous effects and also reforming its campaign finance system. End Citizens United hopes to demonstrate that the grassroots are countering back forcefully against the brazenness of billionaires in trying to buy elections to voters, candidates and also the press. The organization aims to create a broad coalition that will work towards reforming the campaign finance and pressure lawmakers in order to take action.

The Mission of End Citizens United is to combat Big Money found in politics and also to dismantle the rigged political system through the election of campaign finance reform champions as well as passing measures for state ballot. The organization hopes to achieve its mission through the election of pro-reform candidates, use of grassroots membership in order to demonstrate political power about the money in politics issue. End Citizens United has also made the issue of money in politics a national priority.

End Citizens United normally supports Democrats involved in key races and who have interest of meaningful reform to the campaign finance system. Organization also stands up for candidates who are usually under attack by mega-donors and corporate special interests, networks of Super PAC and also dark money groups. End Citizens United believes that the Democrats lead the fight against Citizens United and that meaningful change can be brought about by their leadership. The organization strongly believes in the power of grassroots activists and the power of transparency when it comes to political spending.

End Citizens United is committed to transparency and submits its filling about its finances with the Federal Elections Commission. The organization has a team of veteran Democratic operatives who assist in getting out the message regarding the money in politics influence and how to stop it. The Board of Directors at End Citizens United is made up top leaders who have committed themselves to overturning Citizens United and restoring the power to the common Americans. The organization has been able to acquire world-wide recognition and reputation for its accountability, reliability and efficiency.

According to an article published by the usatoday.com, End Citizens United has managed to raise approximately $4 million and also projects to raise $35 million for midterms. The PAC opposed-money in politics organization disagreed with the controversial decision by the Supreme Court on Citizens United. End Citizens United conducts civic education all over the US to preach the effects of big money in politics and to create awareness to all citizens and candidates about the need for transparency in politics. The organization has seen a huge growth and success since it was established and has acquired a massive following.