Twenty Three Layers: Event Planning Made Easy

Complete with barrels of apples and a country picnic setting, a planning queen named Jessica, went all out for her son Teddy’s first birthday. Farm themed, this birthday idea offers an adorable idea for any little boy or girl. With tables wrapped in white, red striped table clothes and complete with a spectacular desert bar, Jessica really outdid herself on this one! This farm themed birthday party even had take-home goodie boxes and let’s not forget the strawberry cheesecake filled mason jars. Teddy sure is a lucky 1-year-old. He even had his own barn house styled cake! Happy Birthday, Teddy!

Jessica is owns a New York event planning company, Twenty Three Layers, which specializes in event planning and design. Whatever vision you have for your event, Twenty Three Layers delivers as requested. They can plan for a personal celebration or give you a corporate event that everyone will remember. Twenty Three Layers even specialize in wedding events. Make your special day even more special with a great setup of lights, colors and designs. They can turn any event into a memorable and beautiful occasion. They have proven over and over again just how great they are by delivering these great events every time.

Jessica Boskoff is one of Twenty Three Layers’ professional designers. She can add color and playfulness to any event, making it look fabulous. Jessica careful pays attention to every detail when planning an event and it shows through her work. Designers at Twenty Three are all about the detail. Jessica currently loves to play with bright colors and textures and it definitely shows through her work. A designer’s job is to see your vision as the customer and deliver in a way that goes above that vision.

Teddy's Birthday