An in-depth Insight Regarding Dr. Jejurikar’s expertize

Are you concerned that you are aging and looking somehow ugly? Do you know that you can still look as attractive and young as a 15-year-old kid? Am sure you are wondering how. Consider seeking the services of the topmost physician, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar.

The doctor has the best educational background in a plastic surgeon[ll1]  and can help you achieve your goals without a doubt. Having graduated from the University of Michigan medical school with a degree in plastic surgery, Dr, Jejurikar is proficient with every detail in cosmetic surgery.

He is registered with American Board of Plastic Surgery and does best in craniofacial. Dr. Jejurikar is also a certified member of plastic surgery institute in Dallas. He, therefore, has the proper skills that can help you rediscover your beauty through new technology.

Dr. Jejurikar’s specialties

Dr. Jejurikar is an expert who deals with physical health. He is a famous specialist in plastic surgery. He mainly restores the physical beauty of his clients.

He does this by refurbishing some bone and skin tissues with fresh ones. Dr. Jejurikar performs surgical treatment of face, hands, nose, eyes, legs, breasts, and other body parts professionally.

Clients’ familiarity with Dr. Jejurikar

Knowing what other people think and feel about a doctor is the first step when seeking the doctor’s services. Different US sites publish reviews of patients’ experiences with their doctors. According to these sites, thousands of patients show satisfaction with t Dr. Jejurikar’s services.

His clients feel that Dr. Jejurikar offers clear instructions; he is thorough in what he does, answers all their questions without hesitation and is 100% in communication. Clients refer to him as the most sympathetic plastic surgeon in Texas.

If you are considering seeking the doctor’s services, you can be confident that you will acquire the best plastic surgeon services with Dr. Jejurikar.

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Iconic, Influential & Passionate: Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the more influential figures in pediatric surgery. Though this exceptional physician is enjoying his retirement these days, he has left a positive and progressive work history for all others to follow. Saad grew up mostly in Kuwait, but he was born in Palestine. He had seven siblings, a loving mother and hard working father who was a successful petroleum mechanic. Dr. Saad made a list of personal goals throughout his lifetime, and he was able to achieve them via hard work. His father actually installed hard work into each of his children.


Pediatric surgery is where Saad shined the brightest. In his youth, he first got started in the construction industry. Working outdoors in the Middle East is no joke. While at the job site, Saad blacked-out and was taken to the local hospital. During this point in time, most businesses didn’t even have air conditioning, but this hospital just so happened to posses it. This was the moment that would change his life forever. Saad decided to pursue a career in the medical field, but who knew that he would go on to become such a revered figure? Before he moved to the US, Saad interned in England, and he graduated from Cairo University while obtaining a Medical Doctorate in Pediatric Surgery. He was also ranked second his class. Thanks to his extensive knowledge in the subject at hand, Saad got a chance to work exclusively with Saudi Arabia’s royal family. In addition to that, he performed complicated surgeries at the affluent King Specialist Hospital.


This phenomenal pediatric surgeon even had more goals to accomplish when he relocated to America. Being a board-certified doctor was his major goal, and he definitely accomplished this goal by the mid ’80s. He has worked for over 40 years at various locations. More than 900 children have benefited from his surgical techniques, which has come from the removal of objects in the throat. These are very complex situations that takes time and diligence. This is why Dr. Saad Saad is so respected amongst his peers, and he has left a brilliant legacy that other aspiring surgeons should follow.

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