Whitney Wolfe’s Example of Excelling in Any Industry as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are often faced with quite a few challenges. One thing they are having to figure out is what market to get involved in. One of the many things they will hear is that some markets are saturated. While each market is going to be filled with its own challenges, the truth is that there is not market that is too saturated for people are passionate enough. All an entrepreneur has to do is find something that he is very passionate about and then run a business based on his passion. Afterwards, he has to market and reach out to potential customers according to his passion.

One example of this is Whitney Wolfe. She is very passionate about dating app and relationships. However, one could say that this is a saturated market. However, she has found an angle that could be considered a niche. Another thing that she has done was figure out what is not being done in the market. For example, when Whitney Wolfe did some research on the online dating market, she has seen that there are no apps that disable the account for men so that women can initiate with men that they are interested in. Therefore, she has taken it upon herself to build it.

Her efforts have resulted in a successful new app called Bumble. She has put together all of the features that she has looked for in a dating app so that women could be empowered in their search for love. Whitney Wolfe has an understanding of the history of women and is very loyal to the cause of what they are trying to achieve. At the same time, she wants to make sure that they are keeping in line with the ethics and empowering one another at no one else’s expense.

Whtiney Wolfe’s Bumble business has turned out to be a success. She has been making regular extensions to the Bumble app including BFF and Bizz. These extensions enable women to find some really good friends from the app and also network together in order to find earning opportunities either as entrepreneurs or employees.

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