How Drew Madden Gets The Inspiration To Continue With His Healthcare IT Entrepreneurship

For close to 16 years, Drew Madden continues to bring together and encourage a team of like mind to initiate and propel attractive company culture, which in turn helps many people access quality healthcare. The entrepreneurial skills Drew has developed along the way have enabled him to establish an excellent client partnership that is highly trusted.

Although Drew Madden has a vast experience in the healthcare IT sector, which has helped him work for many companies in the past, his partnership with Evergreen Healthcare Partners is the latest achievement in his life. Madden, the healthcare IT expert in the electronic medical records (EMR) sector is currently based in Wisconsin. His love for IT has helped him over the years to ensure patients get the best care possible.

Since he partnered in the founding of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has passionately helped many patients and organizations nationally to achieve compelling results in the IT, change management, and operations sectors.

Educational Background

Drew Madden started his carrier as an EMR IT engineer a few days after his graduation. He got his BSE in Industrial Engineering from the University Of Iowa College Of Engineering in 2002. Over the years, he has used his skills in ensuring proper implementation, optimization, and troubleshooting of the most complex EMR challenges that face various individuals and organizations.

In a recent interview, Drew Madden opened up on how he came up with the idea of starting Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He said that it is an idea that has been in his mind for some 15 years. According to him, it was the right time to implement the idea. Madden says that majority of his excellent ideas do not come from within. He concedes, “Most of the best ideas that I have ever come up with only pop up when I work with others. It can be our team or when we are closely working with a client.”

Drew Madden finishes his interview with a piece of advice. He says that if anyone wants to be productive, he/she must be good at listening. “You have no choice but to be a good listener. Let others do the talk,” Madden says.

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