InnovaCare joins the push for payment methods reforms

Rick Shinto, the President, and CEO of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage provider, InnovaCare Health recently announced that his organization is supporting reforms in healthcare payment methods. He added that the reason his organization chose to support this proposal is that it falls in line with its goals of providing better healthcare to more people. He pointed out that over the years the healthcare has noticed a lot of cracks in the current quantity-based payment methods and it was time to move to a better system. Dr. Shinto added that he believed quality-based payment methods as proposed by the reformist would not only do good to the general population but also the players in the sector.

Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) is a public-private partnership spearheading the reforms. The main aim of this partnership is to move the national health system away from the traditional quantity-based system to a new quality-based system. Rick Shinto announced that InnovaCare Health is committed to supporting LAN’s mission. He expressed his hope that the reinforcement of the partnership will be crucial in accelerating the shift to the new system.

LAN was launched in 2015 by HHS. Its primary purpose at this time was to streamline payment systems between the private and public sectors of the healthcare system. Now, LAN targets to move players in the healthcare sector, both private and public to a payment system that will rely heavily on the quality of service the patient received. Currently, LAN has over 100 mainstream healthcare partners supporting its quest. Apart from support from the private and public sector, LAN also receives support from non-profit entities in the industry. Dr. Shinto mentioned that InnovaCare is proud to be part of this fantastic journey that will make health care in the U.S. among the very top in the world.

About InnovaCare Health

This organization is Puerto Rico’s top health plans and healthcare services provider. InnovaCare Health has two major offerings in the region, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. These two offerings are run through over 7,500 providers covering over 200,000 residents. Providing coordinated and cost-effective quality care is the main goal of InnovaCare. The organization hopes to achieve this through advanced, innovative and fully integrated technologies. Currently, InnovaCare is the only health plan provider on the island with NCQA-accredited health plans. Rick Shinto aims to grow the organization to reach more people with their offering and improve their quality of life by providing them with access to quality healthcare.

GreenSky’s David Zalik willing to takes risks of IPO

Although he’s not a household name, GreenSky founder and CEO David Zalik is a living legend among the financial technology sector. Having been at the helm of GreenSky for more than 12 years makes Zalik one of the most experienced players in the sector. And over that time, he has been able to bootstrap his firm from absolute zero to a company valued at more than $4.5 billion.

This incredible growth can be attributed to the simple yet value-adding business model of GreenSky. The company has focused for its entire existence on creating seamless parings between prime-credit borrowers and lenders looking to expand their rosters of good loans. It has focused on big-ticket point-of-sale purchases, such as home remodeling projects and solar energy installations, as an area where previous frictions of the lending process could be streamlined through technology.

Specifically, GreenSky has been able to devise a system that matches some of the top lenders in the country with customers who need lending instantly. In many cases, merchants are able to present borrowers with instant approval for loans with astonishingly good terms, such as zero down, zero interest and no payments for an entire year. Because the average borrow with whom GreenSky transacts has a FICO score of 760, these loans are almost always paid back in full before the higher rates kick in.

At the same time, lenders like Fifth Third Bancorp, Sun Trust and Region’s Bank have been supplied with a steady stream of high-quality new loans that would otherwise never have been originated.

Now, Zalik is looking to take his company public in what will almost certainly amount to one of the largest IPOs in the fintech space’s history. Zalik has stated that his company has reached a phase of maturity where he feels that the short-term thinking and pressure to post solid quarterly growth that often comes with going public is something that GreenSky can handle at this point.

For investors, the IPO may provide one of the strongest opportunities that have come along in a space that has been wracked by underperformance.

Ted Bauman Has The Financial Knowledge To Help Aspiring Investors

Ted Bauman spent the majority of his career outside of the United States because after high school he moved to South Africa. Here’s How The Bull Market Dies. During his time there, he went to the University of Capetown and found positions at several different organizations, mostly in the non-profit department. Due to his positions, Ted Bauman was able to see a lot of the deals that went through government and how the wealth was controlled. Ted was able to build his financial knowledge for the corporate industry at a deep level, which is what makes him such a great writer for Banyan Hill Publishing today. Banyan Hill Publishing is a leading financial news source for investors and entrepreneur that’s has been around since 1998.

Hundreds of thousands of investors frequent Banyan Hill Publishing on a weekly basis, many of which specifically come to see what Ted Bauman has put out for the week. Ted is the writer of The Bauman Letter as well as the Sovereign Investor Daily. Ted’s biggest interest is informing readers on how to pick stocks properly through a specialized system, also known as the Alpha Code. Ted also informs people on how to gain secondary citizenships for travels, which Ted has spent a lot of time doing himself while he was abroad in South Africa.

As any investor knows, stocks can be quite a difficult thing to do when just starting out just based on anxiety alone. It usually comes along of trial and error as well as losses or hiring an expert to provide their advice, which may not even be worth the investment in the long-run. This is why Ted Bauman has taken to Banyan Hill, to offer up his twenty plus years of knowledge and investment technique to up and coming investors, so they do not need to waste their time or hire professionals.

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Malcolm Casselle: Why the WAX innovator is a force to reckon with in the Blockchain Industry

OPSkins recently grabbed the headlines after clinching the top position in in-game virtual assets sales coupled by the insightful leadership of its CIO, Malcolm Casselle. As a leading bitcoin merchant worldwide, the company has progressively earned the reputation of its users by expediting cross-border micro-payments to ensure increased market size and decentralized protocols. With OPSkins’ blossoming reputation as a leading centralized marketplace, the adverse limitations associated with technology inefficiencies in centralized technology have made a compelling argument to pursue decentralized marketplaces as the next frontier in virtual asset management.

With the development of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) platform tailored at promoting virtual asset trading, developers are confident of the substantial benefits associated with the new technology. WAX essentially serves as a peer-2-peer marketplace for virtual asset trading derived from a solid foundation of decentralized smart contracts and Blockchain technology to promote seamless digital asset trading between traders.

How it Works

At its core, WAX strives at solving two leading challenges associated with virtual asset markets such as fraud and fragmentation to enables customers to immediately trade without security hurdles. Through the virtual asset trading realm, it’s imminent to witness an assortment of regional and local marketplaces constrained due to complex payment processing, language barriers and security fears that inhibit substantial growth. By harnessing Blockchain and incorporating the WAX token, pioneers have developed a seamless market that allows customers to manage assets in a Blockchain-based security setting.

The WX token significantly empowers users to purchase or sell their digital assets without logging off from their screens. This essentially means that customers will be in a unique position to trade assets without interruptions.

With the inception of WAX token, geographic mobility issues can be considered to be a thing of the past. Through the token, customers can transact in various cryptocurrencies without the niggling challenges of middlemen.

Malcolm Casselle in Brief

Malcolm Casselle currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins and the current President of WAX. Before holding this influential position, Casselle is credited with holding impressive positions such as the President’s position at Tribune Publishing; an influential position that entailed managing progressive growth and leveraging digital asset acquisition.

His previous stint as SeaChange International’s Senior Vice President and General Manager also highlighted his unrivaled expertise and business acumen. More importantly, his role as CEO at Timeline Labs specializing in providing engaging content painted a stark picture about his competence in delivering set goals and objectives. Malcolm Casselle’s illustrious career also includes investments in leading startups such as MediaPass, Xfire and also co-founded PCCW currently valued at $35 billion.

Guilherme Paulus passion drives him to success

Guilherme Paulus is one of the notable businesses people in Brazil. He is the co-founder of the CVC, the biggest tour company in Latin America. He started this company in 1972 at the age of 24 years. He has over the years built it, and today it is a multibillion-dollar business and also a publicly traded company. Guilherme always wanted to be a business person, and he has done everything he could have managed to get to this level. Looking back at the way the company has been built, it is one amazing story. Budding entrepreneurs are looking up to these companies as the ones that give them the motivation to get going. How Guilherme Paulus managed to build his company is an inspiration to others. They can now see that all that they need to have is the confidence that they can also make it. It is not about how much you have but how far you are willing to go to accomplish your dream.

Guilherme Paulus has created a company that cannot be underestimated. This company has been built on a strong foundation of giving the people a chance to enjoy life. Traveling is a hobby for many people. These are people who strive to live an enjoyable life by visiting different places. When visiting Brazil, Paulus will make sure that you enjoy your stay in the country. Apart from working with the CVC tour agency, he has also created another business known as GJP Hotels and Resorts; this one offers tourists the right accommodation while they tour the country. So far there are 20 branches of this hotel spread out across the country. From wherever you are, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the taste of high-quality accommodation services.

Guilherme Paulus is a true epitome of how far passion and drive for success can take someone. He created this company with nothing, yet he managed to get the desired hotels. He is now providing employment opportunities to thousands of Brazilians on top of helping the country to bring thousands of tourist to the country. The annual revenue of the CVC is more than $5 billion.

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The Philanthropy Efforts of Stream Energy

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating hurricane that flooded areas across the United States where families lost their property, their lives and their pets. During this trying time, a Dallas company called Stream Energy took the liberty to be the first company to fund the recovery program. The company pulled it off because it was running a successful energy sales business and corporate philanthropy is also part of the business.

Stream Energy launched ‘Stream Cares,’ a charity foundation that propagates the company’s philanthropy efforts in Texas and the rest of the US. In the case of Hurrican Harvey, Stream Energy positioned itself as an example of a Dallas company that leverages philanthropy and charity as part of their brand and giving back to the society.

It is new for a business to launch a separate arm of philanthropy. In this advantage, the company is giving back while earning the loyalty and respect of its customers and the public. Corporate giving is a high profile and highly publicized activity that is altruistic. But on the other hand, it can be seen as a buffer when profits fall, scandals hit, and when the company is struggling to stand on its feet.

Statistically, corporate America is generous because, in 2016, approximately $19 billion was given to several charities all over the world; that does not include corporate sponsorship, marketing of the cause, and various kinds of donations, e.g. time, effort, and money offered by individual employees.

For Stream Energy, that has formed a long-lasting relationship with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, corporate leadership and employees also give locally. Stream has also partnered with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide financial and moral support to the veterans and their families who live in Dallas.


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May we never forget all of the lives that were lost on Sept. 11, 2001, including the lives of our brave First Responders.

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Instead of the company writing cheques, transportation was donated by Stream for the less fortunate veterans so that they could enjoy a meal of steaks, burgers, and ribs at the Texas restaurant. Stream also offered their support to ten young girls who picked an American Girl doll, and a meal at the Americal Girl Cafe which was catered by the company.

Adam Milstein and His Personal Commitment to the Jewish Community

People who know Adam Milstein would most likely describe him as being a very noble individual who would stop at nothing to get the nations of the world to be at peace with one another. Indeed, as a native of Israel, Adam Milstein has been standing on the forefront of defense for his nation since the early age of 19 when he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Yet, despite the victory that Israel claimed over Syria and Egypt in the war, Milstein knew that the Jewish population would continue to be targeted and therefore decided to seek an education so that he could apply himself to be of greater assistance to his community.

He made the decision to attend the Israel Institute of Technology whereby in 1978, he earned a degree in Industrial and Business Management upon completion of his studies. Moreover, after earning his first degree, Adam Milstein and his family moved to the United States in 1981 where he then continued on his educational journey. He enrolled to be a student at the University of Southern California where he then held the distinctive honor of graduating with his MBA in 1983. Being that Milstein took an extreme interest in business and had fulfilled earning degrees within the field, he knew that the pursuit of real-estate would be the most suitable career choice for him and therefore started off working as a sales agent. While working as a sales agent, Milstein seized every opportunity he could to learn as much as possible about the industry. As a result of his diligence, he worked his way up to the position of managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties (privately owned real-estate investment firm) whereby he held the responsibility of managing the company’s financial and disposition business details.

Following his occupational achievement, Adam Milstein sought to utilize his status of success to build other opportunities for the Jewish population. He co-founded several nonprofit organizations including the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council to educate the youth about their Jewish heritage, train for business and societal leadership, preserve relations between the U.S and Israel, and to help eradicate anti-Semitism. In addition to educational assistance, Milstein’s projects like that of the Donor Forum also provide financial assistance to organizations that dedicate themselves to the Pro-Israel cause.

Sahm Adrangi’s Success in Short Activism

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital. A company he founded around short activism which began publishing research on shorts in 2010. Adrangi is in charge of controlling more than $150 million in assets at Kerrisdale Capital. He is widely known across the industry for his substantial work in financial research and his achievement in shorting numerous fake Chinese organizations and in another places across the globe.

Speaking at a conference: The Art, Pain and Opportunity of Short Selling featured in Manhattan, Adrangi spoke on “Ad Fraud Opportunities”. The speech was significant as ad fraud has closely linked it to the prospective value of a company’s stock. Having the capacity to predict the future value of a company based on fraud or corrupt news, has facilitated Sahm Adrangi to grow Kerrisdale from a $ 1 million startups into the premier company it is today.

Short activism is the act of shorting a stock and then disclosing it to the public with reasons behind the short. Due to Kerrisdale’s credibility and thoroughly researched findings, the firm has experienced much achievement in the area.

The companies’ most recent short activism crusade has been on St. Joe developer of land in the Florida Panhandle. St. Joe Company’s appraisal was worth at $ 1 billion. A negative report by Sahm Adrangi’s claimed the company is highly valued, Kerrisdale report valued the company’s stocks to be 40% less than its current value. The reason behind the low valuation by Adrangi is because the land is a desolate swampland and there has been no progress on the land for the past ten years.

Kerrisdale also published a negative report shorting Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak is a commercial printing and imaging company whose stock rose to 187% after it announced a partnership to take-off a blockchain enabled image licensing platform and photo-centric cryptocurrency. Sahm Adrangi claimed that the announcement by Kodak was an attempted move to divert investors from the company’s distraught financial position. He further adds on that Kodak is a dying company and blockchain will not save it.

Top Lessons On Entrepreneurship From Paul Herdsman


Everyone that has tried to start and run a business will tell you that it is not easy. To make things come together, you need dedication, lots of hard work and skill. One of the people who have mastered the perfect balance of these three element and used it to succeed as the COO of NICE Global, is Paul Herdsman.

Paul Herdsman and his partners started this company in Jamaica and currently it is one of the most profitable startups in the Jamaica. What makes the story extraordinary is the fact that when Paul and his partners started out, he had no idea how business works in Jamaica, but he managed to learn, maneuver and thrive in the fiercely competitive market. Here are lessons that Paul shares about entrepreneurship.


The importance of a positive workplace culture


One of the most important things which you have to do as an employer is that you have to create a positive and engaging culture at the workplace. When your employees are happy, and they feel as if they are part of a family, they will not spend their time looking for better workplaces to belong. At the same time, when repeat customers keep seeing the same faces whenever they visit your business, they gain confidence in your business and entrust you with more. Read This Article to learn more.


Reward those employees who perform well


One of the biggest mistakes that employers make is capitalizing on the mistakes and whispering about the success. When you make it a habit to laud and reward those people who are doing well in their positions, everyone else strives to reach that level of success and get rewarded.


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Paul herdsman is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University where he got his Bachelor of Arts. He lives in Florida with his family and flies out to Jamaica whenever the Kingston based business has meetings.


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