Talkspace and Therapy

The global leader when it comes to online therapy, Talkspace and Michael Phelps announced today that they would have a strategic partnership that aims at promoting therapy as the central tool to help support the mental health of a person. This partnership will be featuring a national TV campaign which will involve Phelps giving out his personal experiences about depression as a way of encouraging others to speak openly concerning mental health as well as displaying the unique benefits that Talkspace offers. The campaign will be launched on 22nd May and will receive support from the corresponding digital assets.

In his entire career, Phelps had struggled with anxiety and depression as several times, and it was difficult for him to access the help that he needed. When he started to open up and talk about his problem, he gained strength and not the vulnerability. He says that it was a fantastic experience when he realized that he could speak through text, video, or web with a therapist from anywhere he would be. According to Phelps, this was a feeling that empowers to know that you can share with the therapist anytime. He has decided to share his story concerning depression so that he could help others who are going through the same condition that he had experienced. Moreover, Phelps aims at encouraging them to come out and seek therapy because that is the solution to their problem. In addition to this, he looks forward to informing those suffering from depression and anxiety that help is accessible as well as affordable.

This announcement is the advancement of a shared commitment between Phelps and Talkspace to fight the stigma associated with mental health and the factor that keep people away from accessing help. Talkspace is an online organization that connects people with a certified therapist through mobile and web apps. Talkspace is the leading organization when it comes to online therapy with transformed mental health care access by bringing the client and the therapist into dialogue into the digital age. The idea behind the organization was to eradicate the stigma that is connected with mental illness as well as making therapy accessible to all.