Gareth Henry Badminton Pro and LGBT Activist

Gareth Henry was born in Mandeville Jamaica on August 10th, 1991. He is a professional badminton player who is also famous for being an advocate for gay rights. His team won bronze at the 2018 Pan Am team championship and gold for the men’s doubles during the 2018 Central American and Carribean games. His sister, Geodorine Henry is also a professional badminton player and partnered with Gareth during their two-time win for the mixed doubles tournament at the Jamaican National Badminton Championship.

Along with doing well in his professional career, Gareth Henry was also the leader for J-Flag, which stands for Jamaican Forum for Lesbians, All-sexuals, and Gays. He had taken over the organization after the former leader, Brian Williamson, was killed in a homophobic attack. Gareth was a strong advocator for human rights and he has personally known many friends that were killed because they were part of the LGBT community. He has done outreach work to help homeless people who are LGBT. Many of them were kicked out from their homes by their family members when they were young and receive little help and support from the state.

In 2008, Gareth Henry chose to seek asylum in Canada because he no longer felt safe in his home county. In one event, he was chased by an angry mob when he was at a pharmacy in Kingston. Gareth also claimed that he was attacked by the police and that he had complained to the Jamaican Ministry of Justice about events that he had documented.

Gareth Henry has continued to do well in his badminton career and has recently won the gold medal in the men’s doubles tournament at the CAC games in Columbia. He has teamed up with Samuel Ricketts, a badminton player from the UK. While he is focused on his career, Henry continues to advocate for the rights of the gay community.