How Does Kenneth Goodgame Help Set True Value Apart?

There are a lot of people who are coming into True Value every day to buy their supplies, and they are seeing the results of work done by Kenneth Goodgame and his team. He is the senior VP who has to do all the merchandising, and he wants to be sure that he is offering people a much nicer shopping experience that feels like it came from long ago. That means that people who are coming into True Value feel like they have stepped back in time, but they also get to shop for things that help them get modern repairs done.

Kenneth Goodgame is a genius who has been able to manage a company that offers the best of both worlds when people walk through the door. All the customers that come to True Value are seeing what Ken Goodgame has done to make his company look its best. He really has provided a place for people to shop and search for things that they need to do modern repairs, but he has also created a place that helps people have a good time once they pass through the doors. This is the balance that he has created, and he has made it so that people will be able to enjoy their shopping once again without the racket that other stores produce.

True Value is very lucky to have Goodgame because he is the one person in the retail industry who can make True Value look rustic and modern at the same time. He has made it so that everyone who is coming through their doors feels good about what they are buying. They get that rustic feeling while they are buying something new, and it is a feeling that makes them want to come back to True Value.

Bob Reina Continuously Improving Upon The Talk Fusion Platform

Talk Fusion has been around sine 2007 and has enabled it’s users to take advantage of the video marketing trend that has swept the globe. Consumers are far more likely to view a short clip than to read a several word write up. Bob Reina the creator of Talk Fusion saw this opportunity prior to 2007 when he wanted to share a brief clip with his friends. The task was simple however innovation had not come far enough to embed the video within an email. Bob Reina immediately shared the vision with his close friend Dr. Jonathan Chen. Jonathan was an expert in the IT field and soon got to work. The first Talk Fusion application launched in 2007 and has since become one of the most liked and successful applications suites to date.

The company has continuously progressed over the years and according to Yahoo Finance recently won a very prestigious prize in their field. The prize was WebRTC Product of the Year. This prestigious honor recognizes Talk Fusion’s work they have done in the Video Chat category. The WebRTC technology is simply a means for browser to browser communication without the use of plugins for tasks such as video calling, voice calling and file sharing. The prize has been awarded to several competitors over the 20 year span and this year it was given to Talk Fusion. The judges were very impressed with the ingenuity that has gone into Talk Fusion Video Chat application and is the very reason for their decision.

Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion team are continuously looking for means to improve upon their product and will soon be launching their 30 day free trial program for all those customers who would like to try the services offered by Talk Fusion free of charge for a 30 day period. Simply head over to the iStore or the Google Play store to download the software to a device of your choosing. This can be a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. All platforms are supported.

Avi Weisfogel: Portrait of an Outstanding Professional

If there is one thing to learn about Avi Weisfogel, he is a high-energy individual that seeks to make the most of every moment he is granted on this earth. Three areas where Avi Wiesfogel shines very brightly would be in his charity work, business ventures, and in his social media presence.

First of all, Weisfogel’s charity work is yet another stellar part of his life besides his career as a dentist. The man has lent himself to many causes, including his ability to launch a GoFundMe campaign in order to aid working moms. Weisfogel’s main hope is to generate at least $2,000 to help working moms improve the smiles of their children.

He founded Dental Sleep Masters, and he prepared for his business interests in a strong and powerful way by getting his degree from Rutgers University.

He has profiles on a number of platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. He also has an “about” page that he is very proud of. Weisfogel is very active on Facebook in particular, having sponsored a number of important ventures. These would include a great Facebook he included where he documented a conference that had an NFL great and a man who was responsible for taking care of the dental needs of all of the NFL players. Our hats off to the great work that Avi Weisfogel has done in his world!

Eric Pulier, Modern Renaissance Man

There aren’t many men like Eric Pulier anymore. A true Renaissance man, Pulier is an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Pulier acquired a degree from Harvard University in 1988. While there, he studied diverse topics such as Visual and Environmental Studies, Computer Science, and Literature. These early studies laid the foundation for a brilliant career in government and enterprise technology.

Eric Pulier is the founder or co-founder of several successful organizations. In May 1994 he founded Digital Evolution offering an identity-based service-oriented architecture (SOA) management platform. Four years later he became one of the co-founders of US Interactive, Inc. Pulier is also a co-founder and Director of Media Platform, Inc., co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc., founder and Executive Director of Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and the founder and CEO of vAtomic Systems, Inc. See Also:

To further add to his impressive resume, Pulier has filed for many patents for systems for virtual and cloud computing and methods for managing web services. He is also a gifted author. While at Harvard, Pulier wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson Weekly of which he was also an editor. His work has been published in Forbes Magazine, and he is the co-author (with Hugh Taylor) of Understanding Enterprise SOA.

One of Pulier’s most significant accomplishments was his selection in 1997 by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century” exhibit for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. He continued to be a government advisor on health care and technology issues and is a participant with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pulier believes in giving back and has proven it through his many philanthropic endeavors. His work in the field of education has benefitted many, particularly those with health concerns or who are economically disadvantaged. He is a founder of the ACE Foundation and is a Board member of XPRIZE.

Despite what can only be an incredibly busy schedule running organizations, writing, and contributing to charity, Eric Pulier is a dedicated father of four. He is the consummate Renaissance man of the 21st century.

John Goullet and Diversant Shaping the Future of IT

John Goullet has an extensive background working in the field of Information Technology (IT). Goullet founded his privately held company, Info Technologies, in 1994. His firm was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Goullet joined forces with Gene Waddy in 2010, and they together created the powerhouse company Diversant LLC., which Waddy had started earlier as Diversant, Inc.

John Goullet and the company serves as a conduit, connecting businesses with personnel in the IT field. Diversant proudly espouses a policy of ethnic diversity, hence the name given to this firm by Waddy. Both federal law and good sense want to see a color blind workforce. A labor force where cultural mixes can work together to solve not only the problem of connecting companies in the IT area with competent individuals seeking employment but attempting to solve the greater problem of bringing all races, all ethnic mixes into a giant melting pot producing a strong and powerful single workforce culture.

Goullet serves as a principal and sits on the board of directors of Diversant where his background and experience propel the company into a leadership position among IT staffing organizations. The company’s commitment to diversity assures its success among IT staffing companies anywhere in the United States of America.

When we examine altruistic companies like Diversant and reflect that only 150 years ago this country was embroiled in the Civil War; fighting to free black men and women who were enslaved by a powerful system of wealthy plantation owners, we realize how far we have come. Diversant and other like-minded companies will continue the progression and advancement of equality. Their efforts should be applauded.

Dallas-Based Business Leader James Dondoro and Civic Leader Linda Owen Join Forces to Develop the Highland Capital Management Charitable Giving Program’s Strategic Plan

Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic program will benefit from a new partnership between the Dallas-based co-founder and president James Dondoro and seasoned civic leader Linda Owen, formerly of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Highland’s dedicated fund is administered by the Dallas Foundation, which will now be overseen by Owen as the charitable giving manger.

The Dallas Foundation, funded by over $3 million annually by Highland Capital, support a variety of causes including education and the arts, veteran’s interests and healthcare. Specific local beneficiaries include the Dallas Zoo, George W. Bush Presidential Library, and the Center for Brain Health, among others. James and upper-level Highland executives remain active in the organizational guidance of the firm’s charitable causes administered by the Dallas Foundation, serving in board and leadership roles at a variety of organizations throughout the Dallas region.

For Owen’s part, she states “Highland’s commitment to philanthropy is inspiring.” With her career achievements and proven track record in philanthropic management and community partnerships, Owen is poised to make the Dallas Foundation’s contributions have the maximum impact on the organizations it supports. She is well-known in the Dallas philanthropic community, having been involved with the Crystal Charity Ball, the Family Place and the Circuit Trail Conservancy.

Founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, Highland Capital Management is an investment advising firm that manages approximately $17 billion in assets. It’s charitable arm, the Dallas Foundation, was established in 1929. The Foundation administers over 300 individual funds. Read more about the partnership between Dondero and Owen at

Twenty Three Layers: Event Planning Made Easy

Complete with barrels of apples and a country picnic setting, a planning queen named Jessica, went all out for her son Teddy’s first birthday. Farm themed, this birthday idea offers an adorable idea for any little boy or girl. With tables wrapped in white, red striped table clothes and complete with a spectacular desert bar, Jessica really outdid herself on this one! This farm themed birthday party even had take-home goodie boxes and let’s not forget the strawberry cheesecake filled mason jars. Teddy sure is a lucky 1-year-old. He even had his own barn house styled cake! Happy Birthday, Teddy!

Jessica is owns a New York event planning company, Twenty Three Layers, which specializes in event planning and design. Whatever vision you have for your event, Twenty Three Layers delivers as requested. They can plan for a personal celebration or give you a corporate event that everyone will remember. Twenty Three Layers even specialize in wedding events. Make your special day even more special with a great setup of lights, colors and designs. They can turn any event into a memorable and beautiful occasion. They have proven over and over again just how great they are by delivering these great events every time.

Jessica Boskoff is one of Twenty Three Layers’ professional designers. She can add color and playfulness to any event, making it look fabulous. Jessica careful pays attention to every detail when planning an event and it shows through her work. Designers at Twenty Three are all about the detail. Jessica currently loves to play with bright colors and textures and it definitely shows through her work. A designer’s job is to see your vision as the customer and deliver in a way that goes above that vision.

Teddy's Birthday