Wen’s Line of Cleansing Conditioners are Superior at Repairing Damaged Hair

Hair care products can be purchased from a variety of locations ranging from grocery stores to hair salons and beauty spas. Not only are these products available in a variety of locations, they also come in a variety of formulas including those products designed as single shampoos and those designed as combination cleansing conditioners. The problem most single shampoos have is that they often remove a lot more than just dirt. These cleansers often contain harsh ingredients that could also strip away the oil and moisture hair needs to stay healthy. Superior quality cleansing conditioners are designed to not only clean away dirt and build-up, but also restore moisture back into the hair.

People who have issues with their hair such as dryness or breakage, might not see an improvement in their hair’s condition if they use a single shampoo and no conditioner. Even if a separate conditioner is used after cleansing, the damage caused by the single shampoo could make the benefits of the conditioner less effective. A cleansing conditioner made with high quality ingredients would be designed to gently cleanse the hair while enhancing it with beneficial nutrients. Cleansing conditioners contain one set of ingredients designed to address the issues a person might have with their hair. A single shampoo and separate conditioner contain a myriad of ingredients that could have adverse effects when combined.

A Superior Line of Products

When it comes to choosing a superior cleansing conditioner, the products available in the Wen line by Chaz Dean are made with ingredients designed to bring hair back to its natural healthy state. Since the cleanser and the conditioner are combined into one product, the hair’s natural oil and moisture do not get stripped away. People using WEN Hair combined product also put less stress on their hair and scalp, because they do not overload it with artificial ingredients.

The Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners are more effective at repairing damaged hair, because they are made with natural ingredients extracted from plants. These ingredients include a variety of beneficial vitamins as well as proteins and amino acids. Each variety in WEN line is tailor made to address the specific issues people have with their hair to ensure the best possible results. Not only can the ingredients in these products effectively remove dirt and build-up, but they can also provide the hair and scalp with moisture and nourishment to counter the effects of blow-drying or bleaching.

January 28, 2017

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Great Hair Can Be Achieved With The Right Conditioner

To get great hair, you don’t have to find the most expensive or glamorous salon in your neighborhood. You could get it simply by picking the right conditioner. Maybe you’ve tried various conditioners and found that the hype surrounding them isn’t quite what it was advertised to be. But you may be just looking at the wrong brands. Finding a good conditioner means finding one that uses reliable natural ingredients and doesn’t use artificial substances that could be rough on your hair. It may be wise to see what others are saying about the brand before you choose it. You also should keep a good balance between your conditioner use and shampoo use, according to instructions provided on the conditioner.

One conditioner brand that’s been applauded by its users is WEN hair by Chaz. If you’ve seen commercials of this conditioner, you’ve probably seen thick wavy hair that you might think is only possible with all the camera and lighting effects, but people who don’t work for the company have said it’s had a great effect on their hair. If you use the recommended amount for your hair type, you’ll start to feel it making your hair feel thicker and smoother, and very little strands have been reported to fall out in the shower. It is also not tested on any animals or produced with artificial ingredients.

WEN by Chaz was founded by Chaz Dean, https://chazdean.com/store.aspx, a man who loves hair styles and found his passion for it while taking up photography. He went to cosmetology school where he learned not only to style hair, but also learned about producing styling products. He came up with the formula for WEN by Chaz conditioner and soon started using it at his own salon. The product is sold both online and at select retail stores such as Sephora.

Check out the company’s crunchbase page for more info.


January 26, 2017

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How Thor Halvorssen Leads The Human Rights Foundation

The Origins Of The Humans Rights Foundation

In 2004, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation. As native of Venezuela Halvorssen has experienced his fair share of oppression at the hand of dictators. Through his leadership of the Human Rights Foundation, he works to make sure that no one else must suffer through this pain. Initially he operated the Human Rights Foundation from America and focused on just a few countries. Now, Halvorssen operates around the world and tackles everything from censorship to persecution of minority groups.

Putting Everything On The Line

The line of work Halvorssen is involved in puts his life in danger constantly. Authoritarian states do not want to contend with the sort of challenges that are presented when activists encourage people to fight for the freedom and hold their governments accountable. At one point he was even arrested for his actions. During the filming of a documentary in Vietnam, Halvorssen was arrested by authorities. Although he was able to convince the Vietnamese government that he was simply trying to convert to Buddhism, the experience still stands as an example of the dangers he faces as a part of his job.

Making The Impact Global

Halvorssen works hard to make a difference in the world, and that means he focuses on finding ways to spread his message and attract supporters. Recently, he has focused his efforts on the Oslo Freedom Forums. Originating in his father’s homeland of Norway, the freedom forums are a place where activists around the world can meet up with each other and formulate exactly how to create more open societies. The Human Rights foundation is currently approaching its 13th anniversary. In such a relatively short amount of time Thor Halvorssen has had a profound impact on the world.

January 22, 2017

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Brian Bonar Brings Food To San Diego In A New Style

There are quite a few people in the San Diego area who will benefit from the softness of French cuisine that Brian Bonar brings to the table. He is a committed foodie who comes from the world of finance, and this article explains how he plans to make food his mission in the coming years. He has opened two restaurant in sunny San Diego, and he will continue to offer the best experience to everyone who visits his establishments.

#1: Brian Bonar Taught Himself Fine Cuisine

There are quite a few people who are enjoying French food in restaurants, and Brian took it the next step by learning to cook on his own. He taught himself all the finest foods from the continent, and he is working with a lovely chef in his establishments who will help him cook for each guest. He believes in creating an experience that others will not match, and the experience begins with what he has to offer at Bellamy’s.

#2: What Is Bellamy’s?

Bellamy’s is a downtown Escondido restaurant that was placed in an open spot among other restaurants that are named in a similar fashion. It is quite important his restaurant fits in, and he believes it is possible for his restaurant to offer an experience that others will not. Bellamy’s is a bit of a European bistro that has light French food, and he is selling something that makes his customers feel warm inside.

#3: What Is The Ranch At Bandy Canyon?

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a new sort of restaurant that Brian has started in what is an event space. He wishes to help those around him as much as possible with events, and he is serving dinner in the space every night. It is a large and beautiful building that helps people have a lovely time in the open spaces outside of San Diego, and there is a lovely kitchen there that is serving fine French cuisine every day.

The ranch will host parties or weddings, and it will give all their patrons a place to relax that is far away from the hustle and bustle of every day like. They will drive just past Escondido to find the ranch, and they are transported to another place that is unlike any other.

Brian Bonar is bringing his spin on food to San Diego, and he has fallen in love with the city after many years in the financial industry. He has learned how to cook the food he loves, and he has hired lovely chefs who will do fine work in the kitchen every night. His collection of restaurants will put a new spin on the food he loves so much.

January 19, 2017

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Securus Makes Video Visitation Much More Enjoyable

Securus is the software that more than a few people will be discovering at the Christmas table for the holidays. This is a strong company that has managed to give people video access to their loved ones that are behind bars. This is a nice software program because it is actually gives families a chance to get together and visit someone inside the prison without actually going to the prison.


I am praising Securus for this software app that provides people with visitation software  that makes visitation a reality from the phone. The holiday is the best time for this because it cheers up your friends and family members on the inside. The best thing that I like about this software is that it doesn’t ruin the holiday for people that are not in prison. As much as I love my family members that are locked away I would hate to announce to the family that we are going to a prison for the holidays to visit. That is totally insane. I would not want to do this. I would much rather schedule a video visitation. No one has to leave the home in order visit with family. They don’t have to abruptly leave their homes to go to a prison.


There is another reason that this video visitation works better during the holidays than a real visit in person. A lot of people cannot visit a prison at the same time. This is not something that people are going to be able to do even if they wanted to. A large group of people cannot visit someone in prison all at that same time even if it is during the holidays.


I feel like people are going to need to schedule this visit in advance. They cannot just expect to have a visitation with someone on Christmas day if they have not scheduled the visit. It is going to be important to find out if the prison supports this type of visitation, and then it is important to discover when this prison has video visitation hours. There are people that are going to be impressed with what Securus does because this company helps people save time. Securus has become the company that has been able to help people maximize their time. It is the company that has created an app that is quite impressive for holiday gatherings.



January 12, 2017

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Heiligenstein Prediction of Tomorrows Transportation

The recent Williamson County Growth Summit was deliberately intended to discuss the transportation challenges facing the whole Austin region. The previous summits were somehow limited to the metropolitans of Austin only.


The discussion involved high ranking individuals like the Chief Executive Officer of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Mike Heiligenstein, the founder and manager of RideScout LLC Joseph Kopser, Uber Technologies Inc Texas regional coordinator Leandre Johns and the manager and director of ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin.


Jared Ficklin is a transportation focused designer who recently proposed a new aerial gondola system for Austin County. The event was held at the ultra-modern Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. The main agenda was how the modern transportation systems in the world would affect Austin and how they will cope with it.

Heiligenstein observed that Austin still needs to invest in the construction of smarter roads and buildings while increasing the total capacity of roads. The continued increase of influx of people into the county will be well served by that investment than banking on the current crop of transportation technologies like ridesharing and driverless vehicles.


He continued to applaud Williamson for an outstanding job over the previous fifteen years regarding the structure of infrastructure but the number of people migrating to the town will continue to increase. Continued building of roads and expanding their capacities to the maximum will reach an upper limit someday. The roads should then be made smarter, technically advanced and more efficient.


Alan McGraw, the Round Rock Mayor and the debates panel moderator, asked on what policymakers like him need to do to ensure that they cater for the future transportation needs. Ficklin answered that they should ensure that the land codes remain temporary forever. This is going to be important when autonomous vehicles start being a common thing on our roads. The future’s parking garage will be more than five feet tall and of multiple levels.


Heiligenstein was not really enthusiastic about the idea of driverless cars but stated that autonomous vehicles would not be easily accepted by the community. Autonomous vehicles adoption will be gradual hence it is wise to improve the road capacity and the size of buses. He went ahead and predicted that they would come a time when twelve lane roads will be common. Uber ride is, however, a good idea to take people from public transit substations to their homes and vice versa.

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January 11, 2017

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Jason Hope, Arizona Native’s Philanthropic Ways Set the Standard

Jason Hope is an influential philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a dedicated entrepreneur, futurist, and investor. Jason exemplified very much of his hard work and persistence while earning his Degree in Finance from Arizona State’s Carey School of Business.

In regards to Jason’s philanthropic life, he has done nothing but exceed expectations. His ability to earn and establish a good general stream of income has allowed him to donate money and time into programs and services Mr. Hope truly cares about. Over time, Jason Hope (@jasonhope) recognized how much of a focus philanthropy became for him. He now stands behind organizations that he feels are making a real and significant change, or have a good cause, such as SENS foundation.

The most important foundation that Mr. Hope has found passion for is the research done at the SENS Foundation. The SENS foundation, out of Cambridge University, has major involvement in the anti-aging field. They work hard to research ways in which humans can prevail to live not only a longer life, but a higher quality life. Instead of focusing on living forever, they focus on making one’s time here on earth the best it can possibly be.

Jason Hope takes pride in SENS ability to “thrive through innovation and challenge the modern school of thought.” By doing this, Hope feels it is the best way for us to break down the walls around things we as a human race can’t seem to control. While also being engaged in many other organizations for philanthropy, Jason Hope offers a blueprint for how you can carefully choose the best organization for you.

In the blueprint, Mr. Hope offers 4 things to do that will lead you down the right path to successfully becoming an engaged and inspired philanthropist. Discovering your passions, is the first thing Hope says that is necessary to do. Writing down your passions and seeking organizations who have the same attributes is a great way to find an organization that you will become passionate about. Determining whether you want to make a change locally or nationally is also important, and a good way to narrow your search results. Establishing how you will get involved, whether it be time, money or both, is an important part for engaging in philanthropic events. The last thing to do, is be sure you have done your research. Seek out any resources you may be able to use to your advantage.

Jason Hope, is a great icon from Scottsdale that many local’s look up to and admire. His dedication to helping others and helping move society forward has helped him grow a fan and follower base that is loyal and appreciates what he does. Jason Hope exemplifies the true meaning of what it means to help others, and we should all take a page out of his book!

For more information, contact Jason Hope via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

January 3, 2017

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How the Ingredients in Wen by Chaz Work to Repair Damaged Hair

When it comes to basic hair care, many people actually cause damage to their hair using traditional shampoos. These products are usually designed to strip away just about anything found on a strand of hair, including the hair’s own oil. This process often results in hair that is lacking in moisture. A better way to clean hair is to use a cleansing conditioner, which is created to be much gentler on hair than ordinary shampoo products. A cleansing conditioner is able to remove the dirt and build-up that forms on the individuals strands of hair without stripping away the natural oil.

In addition to preserving the moisture in hair by allowing it to retain its natural oil, cleansing conditioners could also make hair healthier by adding beneficial nutrients. The conditioner part of the product is often created to address a specific problem someone has with their hair. The conditioner could help add shine to dull hair or body to limp hair. The best cleansing conditioners are those that contain ingredients derived from plants. These ingredients help repair and restore damaged hair so that it looks and feels healthy again.

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A Leader In the Hair Care Industry

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that gained notoriety because of the many celebrities that raved about how well it performed on their hair. Hair stylist and salon owner Chaz Dean was very familiar with the problems most women had with their hair so he decided to create an all-in-one product that would not only clean hair, but restore it as well. His line of cleansing conditioners has been well received by many women all over the country. As the line evolved, Chaz Dean began to create more diverse varieties to address the specific areas women needed help with.

The formulas used to create the Wen line of products revolve around the plant extracts found in nature. Each variety contains its own unique blend of extracts to help restore and repair damaged hair. The Winter Red Currant variety contains a mix of red currant, geranium and rose flower to help restore moisture to dry hair. The Sweet Almond Mint variety contains extracts from rosemary, wild cherry bark, almond oil and aloe to help hydrate and add body to fine hair. The line of Wen cleansing conditioners also contain essential proteins and amino acids to help strengthen hair to reduce or eliminate breaking and splitting.

For more information find with Wen by Chaz on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


December 30, 2016

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New Development in the Real Estate Industry- Davos Cap Calculator

A new Mobile application was recently launched by the Davos Real Estate Group. The mobile application is known as Davos Cap Calculator. The real estate organization gave an official statement to their clients and explained that the new mobile app was meant to assist customers in estimating the return on the real estate investment in which their customer is concerned.

Davos Real Estate Company is one of the subsidiary companies that form the Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group is one of the leading financial institutions in the Latin America market and has been delivering general financial advice to its customers. Davos was founded with an objective to articulate an investment policy that is expected to meet the needs and the anticipation of their clients. The organization also focuses on uniting finest products which are within the regulatory framework which requires high-quality services as well as the experience of the experts and licensed for all the services offed by the firm.

The company’s Director Gerald Gonzalez has been working hand in hand with the Tecknolution Company to design and develop the mobile application which helps an investor to estimate the value of a property ones the expenses of the assets are measured. The application has been drafted on the latest technology platform and is now available for the Android and the iPhone devices. The management team at Davos believes that the application is just the beginning of a succession of complimentary mobile applications that will enable investors to identify properties through their mobile phones. David Osio also said that Davos was in line with what has been their business impartial and has seen the need for developing the mobile application that will see them financially assist real estate investors in the United States.

David Osio is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group of Companies which is located in Venezuela. The organization was founded in 1993, and Mr. Osio has been at the forefront of boosting the firm’s profitability. Before establishing the financial institution, Osio worked at OPED Enterprise which is a coffee program. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the organization. David is a leader, and his leadership skills have made him take top positions in various agencies, including LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES where he was responsible for organizing marketing plans for several manufacturing programs in the United States.

David Osio has led several organizations to higher heights. Mr. Osio is a graduate from the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela. David also has an expert Degree in International Banking Law from Estudios Superiores de Administracion IESA. He is dedicated to taking Davos to advanced elevations.

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December 30, 2016

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George Soros: Rooting For Ukraine

George Soros has been vocal over the years on the strategies that Ukraine should use to get it out of the financial crisis that it is experiencing right now. The billionaire investor has written for various media outlets to try and start a discussion around the best way forward for Ukraine. The IMF had put the country between a rock and a hard place when it said that it would not offer financial support until a deal had been reached with the creditors. The efforts by Russia to destabilize the country had thrown the economy into turmoil. The IMF could not step in because middle party between lenders and borrowers is not allowed. The country was left to handle the issue on its own.

Bankruptcy was declared off the table. Ukraine could only resort to debt relief as the only way out. The country could threaten to default if it does not get help that would put them out of favor with investors. Mr. George Soros advised that allowing the country to get debt relief would speed up the process of recovery. The strategy had worked in the previous years and Mr. Soros acknowledges the Brady Plan that was proposed by Nicholas Brady in the late 80s. The proposal was that it was wise for banks to offer relief to countries that were serious about changing the economic landscape. This allowed investors to judge the feasibility of their investments by looking at the future situations of the country from the reforms that it would take. George Soros Ukraine observed that it was the decisions that were made before the crisis that caused the state to consider defaulting. It was possible for the country to return to the market in a couple of years if things were changed.

George Soros adds that investors who are set to lose money if the country defaults should come out and say so instead of spreading information that debt relief was not fit for the country. Some reforms were outlined in the previously mentioned Brady Plan and Ukraine has been keen to enforce them. These measures include reshaping the judiciary, cutting all ties to Russia, cleaning the country of corruption, and reforming the banking system. Ukraine is also working closely with the European Union to try and mesh the economy with the Union. Mr. Brady works for the largest bondholder in Ukraine by the name Franklin Templeton. The company has been pushing for debt relief even though they have the most to lose.

George Soros notes that it would be a mutual win for both sides if bondholders rally behind debt relief. It is the best deal that they can get at the moment. He also advises against the debt restructuring narrative that has been proposed by some policymakers. This path has not been successful for organizations that have tried it in the past. It is not the best solution for Ukraine. George Soros adds that Ukraine could start its journey to recovery with the full cooperation of the EU and the creditors.

Find additional information on George Soros & Ukraine via Open Society Foundations.org

December 27, 2016

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