The Philanthropy Efforts of Stream Energy

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating hurricane that flooded areas across the United States where families lost their property, their lives and their pets. During this trying time, a Dallas company called Stream Energy took the liberty to be the first company to fund the recovery program. The company pulled it off because it was running a successful energy sales business and corporate philanthropy is also part of the business.

Stream Energy launched ‘Stream Cares,’ a charity foundation that propagates the company’s philanthropy efforts in Texas and the rest of the US. In the case of Hurrican Harvey, Stream Energy positioned itself as an example of a Dallas company that leverages philanthropy and charity as part of their brand and giving back to the society.

It is new for a business to launch a separate arm of philanthropy. In this advantage, the company is giving back while earning the loyalty and respect of its customers and the public. Corporate giving is a high profile and highly publicized activity that is altruistic. But on the other hand, it can be seen as a buffer when profits fall, scandals hit, and when the company is struggling to stand on its feet.

Statistically, corporate America is generous because, in 2016, approximately $19 billion was given to several charities all over the world; that does not include corporate sponsorship, marketing of the cause, and various kinds of donations, e.g. time, effort, and money offered by individual employees.

For Stream Energy, that has formed a long-lasting relationship with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, corporate leadership and employees also give locally. Stream has also partnered with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide financial and moral support to the veterans and their families who live in Dallas.


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May we never forget all of the lives that were lost on Sept. 11, 2001, including the lives of our brave First Responders.

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Instead of the company writing cheques, transportation was donated by Stream for the less fortunate veterans so that they could enjoy a meal of steaks, burgers, and ribs at the Texas restaurant. Stream also offered their support to ten young girls who picked an American Girl doll, and a meal at the Americal Girl Cafe which was catered by the company.

Listen To The Recovery Expert: Victoria Doramus

Drug and alcoholism are some things that a lot of folks modify throughout the planet. it’s a sense of helplessness and not knowing wherever else to show to for many people. Some folks sadly succumb to the unhealthiness whereas others notice the sunshine they have and persist. The latter statement is true of Victoria Doramus. Currently a recovery professional, she recollects a time wherever she saw her Life as unmanageable. She entered rehab for the primary time in 2011 at age twenty six when battling associate addiction with medication. when finishing the forty five day program she relapsed few|a number of|some|many} times over successive couple of years. In 2017 she entered an extended term treatment facility that sparked her consistent recovery to the present day. whereas within the program recognized as treatment for the chronic relapser she arrived tuned with herself. operating A full time job and attending AA conferences together with her sponsor set her on the trail back to herself. when progressing through the program for four months, Victoria Doramus affected to the big apple town and commenced operating with varied addiction non-profit-making agencies.

Still a full of life AA attendant, she receives the foremost facilitate and drive from serving to others who battle addiction like she did. this kind of service has helped her stay sober, focused, and humble at constant time. She states thats her goal is to determine a halfway house in the big apple town that helps those with addiction WHO need to own a replacement life. Victoria Doramus is presently at the business model and fiscal gather section of her vision. She desires to save lots of folks from creating the error of basic cognitive process they will get sober alone by making associate atmosphere wherever peer dependability is constant. Acknowledging that her previous addictions were solely symptoms of deeper mishaps, she currently has all the resources she needs to effectively facilitate others that struggle with addiction. Perpetually evolving and discovering herself additional daily, Victoria Doramus is a recovery professional.


Adam Milstein and His Personal Commitment to the Jewish Community

People who know Adam Milstein would most likely describe him as being a very noble individual who would stop at nothing to get the nations of the world to be at peace with one another. Indeed, as a native of Israel, Adam Milstein has been standing on the forefront of defense for his nation since the early age of 19 when he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Yet, despite the victory that Israel claimed over Syria and Egypt in the war, Milstein knew that the Jewish population would continue to be targeted and therefore decided to seek an education so that he could apply himself to be of greater assistance to his community.

He made the decision to attend the Israel Institute of Technology whereby in 1978, he earned a degree in Industrial and Business Management upon completion of his studies. Moreover, after earning his first degree, Adam Milstein and his family moved to the United States in 1981 where he then continued on his educational journey. He enrolled to be a student at the University of Southern California where he then held the distinctive honor of graduating with his MBA in 1983. Being that Milstein took an extreme interest in business and had fulfilled earning degrees within the field, he knew that the pursuit of real-estate would be the most suitable career choice for him and therefore started off working as a sales agent. While working as a sales agent, Milstein seized every opportunity he could to learn as much as possible about the industry. As a result of his diligence, he worked his way up to the position of managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties (privately owned real-estate investment firm) whereby he held the responsibility of managing the company’s financial and disposition business details.

Following his occupational achievement, Adam Milstein sought to utilize his status of success to build other opportunities for the Jewish population. He co-founded several nonprofit organizations including the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council to educate the youth about their Jewish heritage, train for business and societal leadership, preserve relations between the U.S and Israel, and to help eradicate anti-Semitism. In addition to educational assistance, Milstein’s projects like that of the Donor Forum also provide financial assistance to organizations that dedicate themselves to the Pro-Israel cause.

David McDonald: COO of OSI Industries

If you’re not already familiar with OSI Industries, allow this article to shed some light on the privately held meat processing company, which has been billed as a Midwest icon. OSI Group, also known as OSI Industries, has been recognized by Forbes as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States; the company boasts a workforce of 20,000 employees and has operations in 17 countries through a network of 65 facilities, not to mention a valuation in excess of $6.1 billion. That aside, let’s now focus our attention on the company’s COO, David McDonald.

David McDonald has been with OSI Industries for over three decades and has shared in many of the company’s crowning achievements, including its expansion into international markets. According to an article featured in, an online news and information platform, McDonald has been hailed as a food production logistics expert who has years of experience working with local suppliers and government agencies, not to mention a considerable amount of experience working with retailers across multiple international borders.

Having detailed some of David McDonald’s industry experience, let’s take a look at his educational background, which is equally impressive. He attended Iowa State University where he was a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, before graduating with a B.S. degree in 1987. It’s important to note that McDonald is still very much involved with the university. In fact, in 2004 he was presented with the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, which was in appreciation for his involvement with the school’s alumni association. To know about OSI Industries click here.

After completing his education, McDonald immediately joined OSI Industries, starting off his career as the company’s project manager. Of course, it wouldn’t be long before his ambition would present new opportunities including being named COO. Needless to say, McDonald has been a great addition to OSI’s leadership team; in an interview with CEOCFO Magazine, he shares what he believes has been the key to not only his success but also the success of OSI Industries. He states that he shares in the company’s vision of leadership, commitment to growth, and maintaining a stable workforce that will enable the company to realize their long-term goals.

Why People Trust On Hussain Sajwani?

A famous, renowned and a lovely personality, Hussain Sajwani, is not just one of the key people who has done many works for the growth of UAE. He is also the chairman of one of the most renowned private sector property, DAMAC group which is on a mission to influence the world that he is back into business and to he is returning with even more influence by becoming the business partner of one of the leader of this world, POTUS, Donald Trump.

DAMAC was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 2002, and it was and still is one of the most reliable companies in whole UAE. Anyone who is related to real estate in any way knew Hussain Sajwani because of his personality, his lovely nature and his utmost care towards his customers and business partner and he go beyond boundaries to help them to establish their businesses.

Over a couple of conversations, one in the affluent Majlis in the headquarters of DAMAC, Hussain builds the case for a brand new construction boom. This 57-year-old chairman thinks that the construction silence in last few years has made a temporary shortage of housing stock in the sought-after areas of the city, such as surrounding areas of the tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Hussain Sajwani said that recession period is over and people have money and they are willing to invest those funds that they have put aside in a construction site that they believe would help them to double that investment in no time. And for such investor, there is no other place but UAE as it is an international market and people can live there as purchasing a house there.

Hussain Sajwani, a Dubai real estate tycoon, founder of DAMAC is made collaborations with one of the famous and reliable real estate company, The Trump Foundation” and made Trump Gold Course in Dubai for wealthy one percent of the world to come and enjoy a game of golf over there.

He is still working hard with his company DAMAC to come up with a project that can be in the approach of common people so that they can turn their dream of having home a reality. And for that, he is planning to come up with a construction plan soon.

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Finacial Freedom With “Freedom Checks”

At a time when everyone is chasing the next growth story in the stock market, it is often forgotten that dividend investing has helped many of the legends in the world of finance to build massive profits. Overlooking something as simple as classic dividend investing caused many in the investment community to dismiss “Freedom Checks” as a legitimate investment. Many financial pundits thought it was absurd when it was pointed out to the investment world that these investments offered a higher yield than traditional paying dividend stocks, it was originally Matt Badiali who felt it was his responsibility to educate the financial world about “Freedom Checks” so average investors could get a shot that even experienced investors have little understanding of. His background in the resource sector makes him qualified to inform individuals of Freedom Checks and how any investor can profit from them.

“Freedom Checks” are real investment option because it involves purchasing shares on the New York Stock Exchange in companies called “Master Limited Partnerships”. When people questioned how a company possessed the ability to pay such high distribution payments, they should have investigated the tax code and how thee companies operate. The tax code enables these companies to avoid paying any federal income taxes. They must also distribute ninety percent of their profits to stakeholders of the company.

MLP’s are typically companies within the oil and gas industry. With the push for energy independence in the United States and increased fracking means that there is a potential these companies will enjoy substantially higher profits if the future. Higher profits mean that the “Freedom Checks” these companies distribute will be even greater. Once an investor owns shares in an MLP, they will start receiving quarterly payments straight into their brokerage account. There are over 500 companies that can be classified as an MLP and It is up to an investor to determine if MLP’s are an appropriate investment option for them.

Talkspace and Therapy

The global leader when it comes to online therapy, Talkspace and Michael Phelps announced today that they would have a strategic partnership that aims at promoting therapy as the central tool to help support the mental health of a person. This partnership will be featuring a national TV campaign which will involve Phelps giving out his personal experiences about depression as a way of encouraging others to speak openly concerning mental health as well as displaying the unique benefits that Talkspace offers. The campaign will be launched on 22nd May and will receive support from the corresponding digital assets.

In his entire career, Phelps had struggled with anxiety and depression as several times, and it was difficult for him to access the help that he needed. When he started to open up and talk about his problem, he gained strength and not the vulnerability. He says that it was a fantastic experience when he realized that he could speak through text, video, or web with a therapist from anywhere he would be. According to Phelps, this was a feeling that empowers to know that you can share with the therapist anytime. He has decided to share his story concerning depression so that he could help others who are going through the same condition that he had experienced. Moreover, Phelps aims at encouraging them to come out and seek therapy because that is the solution to their problem. In addition to this, he looks forward to informing those suffering from depression and anxiety that help is accessible as well as affordable.

This announcement is the advancement of a shared commitment between Phelps and Talkspace to fight the stigma associated with mental health and the factor that keep people away from accessing help. Talkspace is an online organization that connects people with a certified therapist through mobile and web apps. Talkspace is the leading organization when it comes to online therapy with transformed mental health care access by bringing the client and the therapist into dialogue into the digital age. The idea behind the organization was to eradicate the stigma that is connected with mental illness as well as making therapy accessible to all.

Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Dick DeVos has had profound impact on the State of Michigan. The elements of his business, political, and philanthropic efforts are particularly easy to see in the Western Michigan region and in the city of Grand Rapids.


– Leadership in Grand Rapids Michigan

In the early 1990’s the City of Grand Rapids made plans for a sports arena and convention complex that would raise the profile of the city and create a business and convention center for Western Michigan. Dick DeVos saw a problem and turned it into an opportunity to reshape the city. Mr. DeVos was well aware of the experience in the Detroit area in which a sports arena located outside of the city became an economic albatross. He urged that the city government reconsider and locate the arena in the heart of Grand Rapids. If in the downtown, DeVos argued, the new arena would be a development hub.


His advice led to the formation of an action group of local business leaders. The city agreed, and it resulted in a dynamic urban business and education hub. The long-term development included the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, the Grand Rapids City Market, and the Michigan State University medical school.


– Philanthropy in Grand Rapids Michigan

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation reported donations and contributions of $138.7 million in the years of 1989 to 2015. The recipients included leadership programs, arts and culture activities, and organizations, health and human services projects, and religious organizations. The Foundation also supported policy initiatives for education reform including scholarships for private schools.


In Grand Rapids, Dick and Betsy DeVos were lead donors in the construction of a $103 million children’s hospital. The children’s health facility located in the Spectrum Health System was named for Mrs. Helen DeVos; Mrs. DeVos was Dick DeVos’ mother.


– The DeVos Impact

West Michigan Aviation Academy is an example of the efforts, vision, and success of the DeVos team. Betsy and Dick DeVos have translated their love for aviation, educational opportunity, and school choice into a shining example of educational pluralism. The West Michigan Aviation Academy was Dick DeVos’ creation, and Betsy DeVos also supported it with her expertise. Dick DeVos is a pilot and his enthusiasm for piloting as a skill, business asset, and hobby inspired him to create an institution in which children of all ages, races, and economic levels could learn. The school offers aviation training and students can use it to become pilots.


The institution has grown from early student body of 80 members to its present-day enrollment of more than 600 students. Students attend tuition-free and get an intensive level of education from a well-prepared staff of educators and support personnel. The academy operates with a per-student allowance from the state government, and through 2014, also made a three million dollar interest-free loan to expand the school buildings and add equipment.


Dick DeVos story continues. The dynamic couple achievements now includes Ms. DeVos’s role as Secretary of Education. The record of his contributions and impacts offer a view to an even brighter, more involving future in public and civic affairs.


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Steve Ritchie’s Direct To Customer Letter Is A Step In the Right Direction

Steve Ritchie, CEO, penned a letter to the customers to not only apologize, but to explain what actions Papa John’s is going to take going forward. He did reassure Papa John customers that offensive language and racism will not be tolerated by Papa John’s no matter the source. Steve Ritchie went on in his letter to explain what actions Papa John’s is going to implement to prevent these things from happening again.

He stated that experts are being hired to do an audit of the company’s diversity and inclusion policies in hopes of identifying the company’s weaknesses and to create a plan to fix them. Papa John’s management will be traveling around the country to actually talk to customers and get their feedback. Finally, Steve Ritchie told customers that the company will be transparent and that he wants them to keep Papa John’s accountable for all their actions.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie continued to state that he personally will be overseeing this effort to create a better company and to work hard to regain the loyalty of their customers. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s thanked customers and stated that he hopes that Papa John’s will have the privilege to continue to serve them.

Only time will tell what effect this letter will have on Papa John’s customer base. Not that saying I am sorry will solve the issue, however, it is a step in the right direction. It shows customers that the company is larger than the actions of one single person and that most of the employees are hard working individuals that want to do things right. The letter also was clear on the actions that Steve Ritchie is going to take and that he really wants customers to hold the company accountable. Follow Papa John on Twitter.

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Aloha Construction gives 4 Common Mistakes by Homeowners

Homeowners young and old, want to understandably keep their property in pristine condition. Doing regular maintenance and making upgrades such as roofing and siding can increase the homes resale value. But when looking to make these repairs, homeowners are often misguided, leading to higher costs. Aloha Construction can help with all your roofing, siding and repair needs.

Aloha Construction has been in operation for over ten years and have done over 20,000 roofing jobs in Illinois. This company strives to provide high quality workmanship to homeowners. After being around the state and seeing some problems that occur, the experts at Aloha Construction share their experiences and give tips on how to avoid common mistakes by homeowners.

Aloha Construction recently received the BBB 2017 Torch Award. They were praised for their collaboration with Omni Youth Services. Together they provided outreach in the Illinois community.

Four Common Mistakes That Homeowners Make:

  1. Wrong Upgrades

People often make the wrong upgrades when looking to add value to their home. Adding a bathroom or sunroom may not always be the best way to add value. If you are looking to put it on the market, doing the siding and roof can boost the resale value.

  1. Waiting to get a Property Inspection

Insurance companies have a small window when it comes to filing damage claims. If you miss the deadline, the homeowner could be left paying out of pocket. Aloha Construction offers free property inspections. Saving you time and money their professionals will spot and report any damages found on your shingles, roofing or siding.

  1. Not Paying Attention to the Gutters

Another common mistake by people that experts see is the neglect of the gutters and downspouts. They recommend inspecting them every season to ensure adequate condition. Look for signs of sagging, leaking or blocked gutters. Inspect the downspout to make sure its pointing away from the house and flowing properly.

  1. 4. Being Cheap with Repairs

The last and most common mistake that occurs is skimping on the cost of repairs. Doing it yourself or hiring unprofessional contractors can seem like a good idea but can cost you more in the end. Do your research to find a licensed, reputable company for any repairs. Consider Aloha Construction they are licensed and insured with a BBB A+ rating.