Train Your Brain with Neurofeedback and Neurocore

There are all kinds of apps out there that claim to be able to train your brain, but Neurocore is taking this one step further by creating Brain Performance Centers that help with neurofeedback. This type of training has helped many with depression, insomnia, and focus problems. Some of Neurocore’s patients include the highest paid athletes in the NFL, such as Kirk Cousins. The quarterback was having issues with focus and sleep, resulting in a loss of performance. However, he mainly just wanted to upgrade his brain’s muscle memory responses.

Brain training through neurofeedback is growing in popularity, but Neurocore is one of the first to come out with actual treatment centers. These doctors focus on using neuroscience, technology, and data to diagnose issues with the brain, preparing their patients to deal with depression, lack of focus, and insomnia.

Many of the reasons that people slip into depression is because they don’t recognize the signs as their brain is able to cloak symptoms of depression, as well. It’s a catch-22 problem that Neurocore is trying to solve through mental strengthening exercises.

Neurocore started out by treating professional athletes that wanted to improve their performance. It can be difficult for some athletes to slow down their brains, especially if a fight-or-flight response is triggered. This can lead to lack of focus, sleep, and rationale. Neurocore believes that athletes shouldn’t just be physically prepared, but they have to be very strong mentally as well. To know more about the company click here.

For the past few years, Neurocore has been conducting all kinds of tests on its patients to learn the conscious and unconscious symptoms of depression. There are major signs that people often recognize such as weight loss or weight gain, but people may not think about how their focus, lack of sleep, externalization, and need for perfection is controlling their ability to get out of depression.

Brain training isn’t anything new. In fact, many people can do it on their own. There are even apps that are dedicated to “brain strengthening.” However, Neurocore is the first treatment center to be able to diagnose with data gathered from a machine that analyzes brain’s responses. This data gives back a set of strength training exercises that should improve the brain’s response time and provide more focus.

One session with neurofeedback training at Neurocore is just 30 minutes and involves simply watching a movie. As the trainee watches the movie, there are adjustments happening to the brain. In some cases, over 2,000 adjustments are made during one movie.